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Handcuff Hackers: Upgrade Your Security Now

AVG antivirus android

Did you know that right now someone is trying to access your smartphone? With online threats such as viruses and malware ever present in today’s modern world, you are never more than a click away from getting attacked by hackers. However, while you may have a discerning eye towards some prevalent methods of entry, are you protecting your phone from all angles? Today let’s go over the various ways your phone can be exploited, as well as how to stay safe.

Downloading Software

Chances are that you’ve downloaded a thing or two from the internet, but those files were harmless, right? You know better than to download something from a site you aren’t familiar with, but the fact is that hackers can attach programs to almost anything, meaning that you may think the link is safe when it’s really spiked with something dangerous. To ensure that you don’t run this risk, you need an antivirus app for Android like AVG, to scan all of your activity for malicious threats.


If you’ve ever gotten an email, text, or phone call from somebody looking for personal information, it’s most likely a hacker trying to get access to your sensitive data. Sometimes, they can pose as people you trust, like a business or service that needs to update your account. Other times, you can get a link or something sent to you from a reliable contact that has been hacked. In the end, you should never give personal information to anyone who calls you and never click a link that seems dubious, no matter where it originated from.


Hackers are getting bolder these days by swiping your phone when you least expect it. This can be much more dangerous than getting hacked online as your apps can be accessed much more easily. To keep your phone safe, you want to have a password lock on it, and you want AVG antivirus. This program can help you track your device and shut it down remotely so that thieves won’t be able to access your data.

In the end, when it comes to being safe out there, think like a hacker and imagine all of the ways that you would try to get into a phone, and then protect yourself accordingly.

Handcuff Hackers: Upgrade Your Security Now
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