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Google Glass: Top 5 most amazing features you should know

Google has the history of producing some of the most incredible products for its users. With Google Glass the company has given some of the best next generation wearable computing device. With this device embarking in the market, it is certainly going to replace the devices like smartphones and tablets to a great extent.

To understand this device in simple language, it could be called as a computer built in frame with a pair of glasses that is certainly going to change the augmented reality. With Google Glass, you could carry out a number of things, which include video chats, sharing pictures, checking your emails and responding them using the voice commands and internet searching. Everything happens without using a mouse or a touch screen. Let’s check the top five most interesting features of Google Glass as under:

1). Click pictures and record videos

The Google Glass only supports to voice input wherein you are supposed to render a voice command to carry out a number of features inbuilt in this device. Among the most incredible features of Google Glass include taking cool pictures, which simple works as per your voice command. In the same fashion, you can record a nice video using this device. Both of the pictures and videos could be shared over your social networking sites or emailed to anywhere. Google Glasses have 4GB flash storage, which is more than enough to save a number of videos and images.

2). The Google Plus Integration

This device comes with Google Plus integration, which means you, could easily get connected with your friends over this social networking site. Here you could share the number of videos and pictures within your circles found over Google Plus. Also, you have the facility of making a video call or accept similar video calls using this device. This is one of the best features of this handy device.

3). A path locator

If you are travelling somewhere you have the possibility of getting lost in the unknown roads. At such junctures, Google Glass comes as the best guide for you. It will help you in finding out the ways over Google Maps, which gives you all the roads you are supposed to take to reach your destination. The GPS system in it helps you in getting the exact location over the map. Also, finding the location of your friend using the same is also made possible using Google Glass. Hence it has all the features to find places and people as well.

4). Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and GPS connectivity

Google Glass is more than your smartphone device, it is known to have several inbuilt connectivity. Hence if you are keen to browse the web, it helps you in visiting your favorite website and checking your emails using any of the connectivity option including 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS.

5). It’s your translator

It helps in getting a new twist the way you search out the info over the internet. All you need to do is to look over the object of interest and ask for anything that comes in your mind. Hence if you are at some Chinese grocery store, don’t worry; this device can translate anything for you, which will help you in getting the right stuff from the sales guy. Also, it helps in getting the right pronunciation as well.

Final word

So, you could see how Google Glass comes with so many amazing features in it, which seems so exciting simply talking about these. Imaging once you literally hold this device and start using it, the kind of experience you will have is really hard to gauge at this moment.
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Google Glass: Top 5 most amazing features you should know
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