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7 Factors to Get Better Results for Mobile App at Play Store

There are 30 categories of mobile app and more than 3 million mobile apps on Google Play Store. This indicates that you are competing over 100,000 apps in your category. All mobile app developers want that their app to be distinct and highlighted to get the top rank on Google play store. To get your app rank high on Google Play Store, there are factors that will affect your ranking on play store.

mobile apps on play store

If you are a mobile app developer and are looking to improve your app ranking on Play store, then consider these factors

Build a product that is in- demand: It is important to build a product that everyone wants as if you build an app that nobody wants then you are blindly hoping that people will use your product and liking it. Your app should be user-centric i.e. it can fulfill the user wants. You should build a product, without which people cannot survive and if you build such a product then you are on the way to become a successful mobile app developer. Google measures time spent by the users on your app, frequency of using the app and What percentage of users delete or uninstall your app.

1. Organic Downloads

Does your app has paid downloads or organic downloads? Google notices the source, where your customers acquire the app. Organic downloads refers to the downloads that users do without any help of displaying ads across various networks like Google Play Store and Facebook. The three best mediums for effective organic growth of your app are: Content Marketing, in-app referrals and social media.

2. Time Spent by the user

It is essential to build an app that is loved by the users, so that they spent more and more time in using your app day by day. The apps that are top ranked and are featured on Google play store has time spent by the user of more than 1 hour per week. Applications like What’s app and Facebook have users spending couple of hours per day.

3. Retention

Retention means that how many users still use your app after 1 month, 2 months or 3 months of downloading the app . How many of them have uninstalled your app? The higher the retention of the app, the more is the chance to be featured on app store as rank 1.

4. Daily downloads

When the google ranks your app, it considers the number of downloads. The app with the highest downloads have more chances to rank as a featured app on the play store.

5. App Ratings

The apps that have ratings more than 4.4 star out of 5 are considered to be the best apps in that particular category. The mobile app developers should not try to gain the fake ratings as Google tracks “the time spent by the user on your app” and the “retention” of your app with the user and if Google finds anything asymmetric relation between these two, then it might penalize your app. With lowering down your ratings. If you want to boost your app ratings, then the best way is to improve your product, interacting one to one with your users and taking their feedback constantly.

6. App Reviews

Google tracks both positive and negative keywords used by the app users in the reviews. The positive keywords include good, like, useful, love and more whereas negative keywords include bad, not- useful. If the users put any negative comments, then try to contact them personally and know and solve their issues. The apps that are featured on the store have 1000 or more positive keywords.

7. Active Users

Active users refers to the users who have downloaded the app but have not uninstalled it. And more than 80% of mobile apps have active users below 10%. The app that are feature have active users base of 30%.


In order to improve your app ranking on the play store you need to keep on working on your mobile app, keeping all the above factors in mind. All these factors will make your mobile app to reach rank 1 on Google play store.

7 Factors to Get Better Results for Mobile App at Play Store
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