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Invest On One Great Content Instead, To Get 100% ROI

While trying to learn more about content marketing, I came across an article posted by Jay Baer that spoke of how ‘content atomization’ can grow a business into a ‘digital dandelion’. This led me to wonder whether brands can invest more on one great content and get an overall 100% ROI in return.

content marketing

To start with the topic, here is a basic rule that applies to any return on investment strategy and that is…

Create A High Quality Content

Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest, producing a high quality content is the best White Hat SEO strategy to build links.

hight quality content

 If you want your website to gain popularity in the internet world, then come up with a new strategy to encourage inbound links to your page.

Factors That Determine Producing A Quality Content

While creating good content is no more a new advice, did you know your website gets the least attention, and that is why write-ups are needed that can finally bridge the connection between the content and your website?

The effort to think of how to develop one great copy, which could produce materials to feed off other contents, gave rise to some new ideas that can be ultimately utilized to grab the attention of audiences coming with opposite mindsets.

#1 – Build A Strategy

You need to plan out how to start with your content. This is not some general content that is being discussed here, so you need the help of a professional, who probably has more in depth knowledge than you do. A little bit of research is needed here, for which there are tools to track down some of the best written contents pertaining to your niche. Guest writers can bring in more traffic, since they can bring you more social media coverage and contribute their expertise on external sites, which are co-authored. You may also get new quotes directly from their mouths, which could be useful to score inbound links.

After you find out the author of your choice, do a little bit of reading to get some idea about his/her work history. Once you get properly acquainted with the social media impact he/she has the potential to bring, you can send out a proposal for an interview. This usually comes with a charge against which they would like to offer their valuable time. Nevertheless, it is worth the return your site will receive once the content is put up.

How would you want to approach your interviewee? This is a crucial factor, which arises once your appointment is fixed and final. Jot down a list of topics that you would like the light to fall on. When you have your strategy laid out, you can ask your interviewee some relevant questions and receive valuable facts that were never before heard of.

#2 – Determine Your Business Goals

To plan your topics, you need to have a set of business goals. Whom do you want to reach with your content? Contents are not written just to make people click onto your page, but to generate leads. But the real question lies, how do you reach your target audience as broadly as possible, with one content.

Your valuable content on Oculus Rift, a virtual reality 3D gaming headset (for example) can attract consumer A but, that does not mean consumer B is interested in the same content. This is where, breaking your single content (i.e. on video games) into several other contents, sets its place on the stage.

But first, get your goals right. Which are the sectors you want your interviewee to speak on. Your company is a gaming production center and would that, in any way attract other news related to health or maybe, grab attention from other technology production firms?

List down all the prevalent questions prior to your interview. If I were to put my shoes in the position of an interviewer, some of my questions surrounding the gaming world industry would be –

  • Will virtual reality games put a footprint on other industrial sectors by 2015?
  • What strategies does social media platforms aim to do with video game integration?
  • What do you have to say about the impact Oculus Rift leaves on a teenager’s mind?
  • Can you analyze the e-commerce scenario a video game can influence?
  • What new features can game industries focus more on, when they develop a 3D virtual reality game?

#3 – Double Your Chance Of New Story Ideas With Business Goals

A set of questions not only provides new answers and analyzes but also doubles your chance of any other new information that did not come to anyone’s notice yet.

For instance, you want your interviewee to say something about how Oculus Rift will bring a mark in other sectors by 2015 and in between, your interviewee gives you an interesting tip on how video games can improve a human brain and how physicians have started to use this gadget as a valuable therapeutic treatment.

Your topic list brings up another question on how gaming industries are now introducing new features in virtual reality games. Here too, pops out another peek of a different version, where web development companies are coming out with 3D virtual reality games, through apps.

My main motto is to show how a topic on video gaming gears can produce other related contents and
how you can break up a story, which ultimately helps you to capture more leads and inbound links.

#4 – Produce Your Content With Variation In Mind

Once you are done with your million dollar script, its now time to gather your team of content developers and designers and set down to work.

When you segment your big idea into bits and pieces, you can generate more Call-To-Actions, more leads, more inbound links and bridge each content with ‘link ladders’ that ultimately surround your website monetization.

But content developing is not all about producing blog posts. You can re-imagine how you want your content to be done, while keeping ‘atomization’ in mind. Would a single blog post gather more viewers or a blog post that comes with a six seconds Vine video? Would you like to build a presentation alone or place it along with a blog post? For each presentation one makes, there should be one blog content and the process is vice-versa.

When you divide your big content into nodular pieces, you can build the opportunity for more number of shares (through Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube,Vine,etc) and this would indirectly improve your website’s rank.

Quit Thinking About Your Website For A While And Start Thinking About Social Media Platforms

Next comes the place where to market these contents. You can develop a separate section to put all these contents under one umbrella and link each one of them, so that readers can connect with each of them, but the main objective is to generate leads. Right?

Lowe’s success, which is a home improvement website, comes from marketing some of their best content pieces in places other than their own website. It is understood that the best way to capture more leads is to share the content, where there is more target conglomeration. Social platforms like Facebook,Twitter and Google+ are the best places I could think of.

This strategy is way much easier to get your leads with different versions. Use the main content to stock your site’s blog post and share different versions of the same blog (in the form of Vine videos, presentation or Pinterest pictures) for social shares. Links can thread your socially shared content with the original version (that sits within your website blog section).

Quancast reports Lowe’s site to receive more than 8 million visits per month. However, that remains nothing when compared to the number of clicks they receive from the social platforms.

Makes sense when Jay Baer says:

Atomize your content and give it life wherever your audience aggregates.

So, the next time you think of how to yield 100% ROI, think of how to produce on great content that can be cut, stretched and shortened, and the places where you can utilize them. Once you get your strategies and tools right, your website’s investment gets more benefits out of a single input.

Invest On One Great Content Instead, To Get 100% ROI
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