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Gaming Routers! Are They Really Worth it Over The Normal Routers?

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If you’re into gaming, then all of these materials that people make use specifically for gaming aren’t really that alien to you anymore. From gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, and even laptops themselves. The customization for gaming, however, does not end there. As a matter of fact, there now are routers available in the market especially for those who are into gaming. These routers are often touted to improve one’s gaming experience, where some great choices here are on various gaming sites found on the web. With that said, there are a lot of options available for you.

If you are thinking about buying a router, and if you don’t want it to serve as a hindrance to you and the best gaming experience for you, then here are some facts about gaming routers, in terms of what helps you set them apart from the average router you could find elsewhere.

They are Equipped with Gigabit Ethernet Ports

One of the features that make Gaming Routers different from Normal routers you find in shops is that the speed at which you could enjoy your internet is much faster for either wireless connectivity or through wired ones. Even with faster wireless connectivity, getting connected through the wired route would still be faster.

Dual-band Wi-Fi

In a nutshell having a dual-band Wi-Fi allows you to have dual-band networking, which them enables you to transmit and operate on not just one, but two channels at a given time. This would definitely allow for a better wireless network capacity, as operations on just a single channel could cause it to be congested in a way, which could, in turn make the over-all connectivity and internet speed one which is much faster.

802.11ac Wireless

If you are on the lookout for high-end hardware, then the 802.11ac is definitely the standard. In order for you to experience working with it, though, you have to make it a point to make use of nothing but 802.11ac compatible hardware. Not all routers that are made for home use have this particular feature.

Notes on Speed

All of the features mentioned above previously are simply to increase the speed of the internet. With that said, all of these features aren’t necessarily exclusive to gaming routers.

D-Link Routers and the Gaming Mode

Another kind of router which is touted to serve as an effective device for gaming is the D-Link Routers. Whenever you use these routers, you are always given the option to make the necessary settings in order for you to play games the right way. The mode is just easy as easy can be, with set-ups usually prompting and asking you if you wish to enable the mode, which is simply through checking the box. This is essentially activating Full-Cone NAT, with the router using Symmetric NAT once the gaming mode isn’t being activated.

Gaming Routers or Normal Routers: The Rationale

If you’re on the lookout for means in order for you to maximize the speed of your internet connections at home, then enabling the gaming mode is one of the easiest steps in order for you to do so. The reason as to why there is a gaming more for routers is simply because there are a lot of elements in the game that have to be downloaded.

Games make use of heavy internet, from advanced graphics that have to be downloaded, to interactions among users, such as in-game communications, to logging in and saving your progress, to preventing delays in attack, such as in MMORPG sites.


There are several factors which may influence the over-all speed of your internet connectivity, and being a true blue gamer means you have to make sure that the speed you get is maximized as maximized could be. Remember, however that there are various other factors which could influence the speed, such as the internet provider itself, as well as the device that you are using. There is more to speed in terms of factors that influence it apart from the router you are using, and hence you should keep all of this in check.

Gaming Routers! Are They Really Worth it Over The Normal Routers?
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