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Galaxy grand vs Canvas HD: Who is on back-foot?

The year 2013 seems promising for smartphone users. Recently two incredible smartphone devices- Canvas HD from Micromax and Galaxy Grand Duos from Samsung were released. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, however, looking at the number of polls and surveys, the Micromax Canvas HD device have emerged out as the favorite device for the smartphone users.

Though the Samsung Galaxy grand has a couple of merits, yet looking at the overall picture it failed to impress the smartphone users especially when compare it with Canvas HD. In fact, in many ways including the cost, Canvas HD seems to be leading to its rival smartphone device. Who is the winner or loser would decide upon the number of features, performance of the device along with the cost, which can be only visible through a comparison between the two. Let’s run deep into both the devices and find out who’s at the back foot.

Design and build

This could be a subjective thing to discuss wherein you could find Samsung having an upper hand. Both the devices have used plastic in their chassis, but looking at the finishing touches of Grand seems better than the Canvas HD. Both the devices carry five inches display; however, Galaxy Grand is much wider than the other handset that happens to be longer. Hence Grand has its edge on this point, since the size it uses is comfortable enough to hold in any way the user want, which is not the case with Canvas. Looking at the display, Canvas seems to be scoring the point as it carried 720 p display, whereas in Grand has a skimpy kind of WVGA resolution. Hence comparing the two in terms of picture clarity, Canvas HD seems to be scoring more than the other.

The user interface (UI)

Both of these have a smooth kind of user interface since they carry Project Butter coming from the Jelly Bean. If you look at the Canvas, it seems sticking the store appearance of Android whereas Samsung is seen with its own touch. In regards to functionality, Samsung seems to be going ahead with having the feature TouchWiz that cater a good social media integration element along with the sharing options for a number of stock applications. This features helps in sharing your content without any hassle and by employing any application. Also, you could find several additional features including split screen view and several gestures support. Looking in terms of the power, it’s futile to compare the two since Canvas HD seems far ahead than the Galaxy Grand speaking in terms of cost. The four different cores and robust GPU easily pull via the heavy duty tasks without any hassle. So, when you see Grand giving average performance in this respect, Canvas seems to be armed with extra power, which is always preferable to users.

The camera

Both the devices carry 8MP snapper having the same kind of photo tweaking options. If you compare the quality of the two, both the devices seem quite close in terms of the level of detail. The Galaxy Grand is far much quicker when you focus over any image and hence you could easily capture some candid photos. However, the Canvas HD seems to be delivering with the help of burst mode, which help in getting blur free images with better color and focus. Both the devices carry the feature of video recording with 1080p.

The media capabilities

Both the devices support the codecs including MKV and FLAC, which helps a lot in decoding the 1080 P videos without any hassle. The audio quality seems to be incredible at Galaxy Grand while in Canvas HD simply require some amount of tweaking before you end up getting quality sound. Both have IEMs, which help in getting high quality sound while playing over the players like Poweramp. The Grand simply offers you 8GB, which is simply double as compared to the rival one along with having the support up to 64microSD card rather than the 32GB as found over the Canvas HD.

The connectivity

The Grand seems to trump the Canvas by delivering the support for Quad-band GSM and the Tri band 3G support along with the other features including GLONASS and Dual Band Wi-Fi, which help in scoring more point than the Canvas HD. However, both these devices simply lack the NFC element, which could have added a good difference that you may miss while using any of these. Both the devices offer dual SIM support and dual standby option.

The battery life

Both the devices have similar capacity battery life, while comparing the two, Canvas seems a bit behind the Galaxy Grand. Though Canvas HD has quad core Soc, yet seems to lag behind with Galaxy carrying the dual core. The possible reason is due to the smaller 28 nm fabrication found in Galaxy, which simply makes the MediaTek SOC far efficient and smart. Both the devices have the capacity to run smooth with a single charge for the entire day.

Final word

Comparing the two in terms of cost, Canvas HD seems to be lesser than the Galaxy Grand, hence are seen being common than the other. But in order to decide which is gaining or losing would depend upon your requirements. Hence it’s the user who is going to make any of these devices a winner or loser.
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Galaxy grand vs Canvas HD: Who is on back-foot?
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