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Flip UltraHD Camcorder

In the early part of the 21st Century, it was not uncommon for someone to spend over $600 on a mid-range consumer grade camcorder. This camcorder probably used Mini DV tapes, recorded in standard definition and, although compact and portable, would have likely been carried in a protective camera bag. The purchaser of this camera might use it to film their son or daughter’s high school graduation, a sporting event, or a family vacation. After filming, they would need to find a separate cable to connect to their camcorder to their computer, and then wait as the camcorder runs through the entire tape in order to transfer the video to their computer for editing and sharing online.
These days, however, you can buy a camcorder that is easier to use, has 8 gigs of built-in memory instead of using tapes, and records in High Definition. The camcorder is also small enough to carry around in your pocket, has a built in USB connection, and costs under $200. The Flip UltraHD Camcorder is a lightweight device that is easy to use and affordable. It features an integrated 2-inch LCD screen for previewing and managing your captured video. It also includes an HDMI port so you can connect the Flip directly to your HDTV. 
If you want to upload a video to YouTube or Facebook, the Flip UltraHD has built-in software that allows you to easily upload videos from the camcorder’s memory. This camcorder makes that task easier than before. Image and video transfers to a computer are done through a USB connector that flips out from the side of the device. If you have ever felt the frustration of a lost cable, you will know how helpful and convenient this is. The UltraHD uses a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable through your computer’s USB port.
Although the Flip UltraHD Camcorder only has 2X zoom, no manual focusing, a limited amount of on-board memory, and limited features and settings, it is clearly not meant as a replacement for professional or even “prosumer” grade camcorders. The Flip UltraHD is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple and fun way to capture memories with friends. Because it is so portable, it is easy to take with you wherever you want to go. Many Flip camcorder owners keep theirs in their bag, purse, or car so that, when something interesting happens unexpectedly, they are able to record things as they unfold.
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Flip UltraHD Camcorder
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