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Five qualities to look for in telemarketing staff

Telemarketing is a great method of b2b sales lead generation and can greatly improve the number of potential clients that a business deals with. 
The success of such efforts is very much down to who you deploy on your end of the phone line. Telemarketing is a skilled profession and, as such, bosses should take care to look for certain traits during the recruitment process. This article suggests five skills which employers should look for when recruiting telemarketing staff.

Work ethic
Telemarketing is very much a numbers game. Candidates will have to shift through a lot of rejections to generate a lead. Look for evidence of a strong work ethic during the interview process and employers will likely end up with an employee that generates far more leads than the rest.  
An important skill telemarketing is winning over the recipient of the phone call. Of course, employers are often subconsciously drawn to friendly, cheerful individuals and they should have every right to be when hiring telemarketing staff. After all, potential clients are likely to be drawn to a warm, friendly personality as well.
Being well-spoken can definitely be an advantage to telemarketing staff. It may allow them to communicate better with a diverse range of  potential clients and increase their chances of connecting with them on a personal level. Look for this during the interview process as well.
A positive attitude can help people get places in all walks of life and is especially important in a telemarketing position. Those who are optimistic and can see the green grass in every situation are likely to achieve the results they desire. Present candidates with a couple of worst-case scenarios that the job might involve and ask how they would feel about it in order to get an idea of their attitude.
Persistence is a key skill in telemarketing a successful sale can often be a long drawn-out process. Look for persistence in all stages of the recruitment process from the application all the way through to the interview.
By hunting out these skills during the recruitment process, employers are far more likely to find a top telemarketer for their business.
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Five qualities to look for in telemarketing staff
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