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Find Your Favourite Coffees With These Three Android Apps

One of the most popular beverages worldwide, coffee has long been a staple of many cultures and countries. For some cultures, the notion of coffee did not exist until just a few hundred years ago, but everyone the world over now has access to this former speciality through the concepts of global trade and improvements in the production of the beverage. Whether you prefer to brew your own coffee or let someone else do the work for you, the perfect cup of Joe can be found fairly easily via the use of technology. Mobile applications have become an increasingly important part of our daily lives and as such, we now have mobile applications that help us with just about everything. If you want to find the best coffee beverages and shops, then continue reading to find out more about three Android applications that can help you in your pursuit.


While you can find great beverages at some excellent coffee shops in your city, nothing beats the flavour of home brewed coffee done right. In the past, our information and access to coffee perks and specialities was limited due to technology and logistics, but you can now quickly find exotic brands in local stores and recipes online for their preparation. The Baristame app has simplified much of this process through its easy-to-use interface that shows users how to prepare virtually any type of coffee. You can quickly specify whether you would like an espresso, mocha, macchiato or traditional brew and subsequently see how much water, coffee and other additives are necessary for the perfect preparation. The Baristame app is a great selection for Android devices and available for free via Google Play.




Perhaps the most popular coffee franchise in the world, Starbucks has universal recognition and a loyal fan base. If you live in a mid-size town or city, then there is a good chance that there is at least one Starbucks in your neighbourhood. The Starbucks app can be used to pay for purchases at each location, check your Starbucks card balance and locate nearby Starbucks – all from the same screen. You can also manage your Starbucks gift cards and reload cards via PayPal, which can help you to rack up rewards if you frequent Starbucks on a regular basis. The Starbucks app may be the best solution for those who love their white chocolate mocha frappucinos and can be downloaded from Google Play for free.


Coffee Finder


Last but not least, the Coffee Finder app is a versatile solution for those who want to find new coffee shops while on the go. The interactive map will show a list of all coffee shops within a specified proximity and each entry can be clicked to see details such as hours and contact information. You can also convert the map to a list so that you can see all the details for each entry on one screen. Filters also exist that allow you to view coffee shops with extended hours, a drive-thru window or mobile payment options. The Coffee Finder app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and is a coffee aficionado’s dream. 

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Find Your Favourite Coffees With These Three Android Apps
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