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File Shredder in PCKeeper to Avoid File Recovery

PCKeeper is a tool that would help a person to maintain the health of the computer. This is a soft ware to be installed and has a lot of cleaning features. One of its features is the file shredder. 

The file shredder is the tool of the PCKeeper that removes all the private files and the folders all at once without leaving any mark or traces for them to be recovered. This is more like that of a paper shredder. If the paper shredder is for the actual paper, the file shredder is for the soft copy of the file. 
Using the PCKeeper is easy. There are instructions provided for the users to have a good touch of the soft ware. In the case of the file shredder, this one is very easy. If one has already the PCKeeper, the rest of the information such as the file shredding will follow.
The file shredder can be used anytime. These deleted files can impossibly be recovered. To illustrate, here is the thing. If a person would delete some of his files, these files are automatically disposed into the recycle bin. The recycle bin is created to protect the file. This is a sort of a back up for the entire file to avoid accidental deletion. So, the recycle bin is the location for all the deleted files which may be revived in the future. 
Without the usage of the PCKeeper, a person may delete the recycle bin to avoid other people from getting the files again.  But there is danger to this. If a person just erases the recycle bin, only the allocation data is removed. The actual data remains. Whereas, if a person would use the PCKeeper with the File shredder features, the job is done. 
The file shredder will make sure that no files deleted can be recovered again. The data gets overwritten multiple times with random sequence and therefore results to impossible recovery. Even the very special recovery tools would not be able to regain the copy of the files deleted.
The file shredder allows the users to shred files using algorithms. This file shredder also changes the information of the shredded data making it impossible to trace back. This will also enable a user to choose to shred the files from the context menu in the Windows Explorer and lastly, this works with any Windows devices. 
Written by Frank Musser who is interested in data rescue mac, disk cleaner and other software.
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File Shredder in PCKeeper to Avoid File Recovery
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