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Expand your Business with Cloud Computing Services

In the mid 90’s Google and Yahoo like sites provide information more quickly on the World Wide Web. Gradually they achieved recognition in the field of technology where online communication and involvement are simultaneously involved. During this period Cloud Computing has entered in the history of Internet and Technology. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace depends on the principle of cloud computing.  In the present era Cloud Computing Services are booming and some innovations are visible in the world of business.

The U.S. has witnessed the constant growth of cloud computing as according to a survey in the year 2009 there was an increase of 19%.  Currently U.S. is leading as the provider of Cloud Computing Services as 58%has been estimated in 2010. Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany, France are some of the countries where the adoption rate of cloud computing is high. 

Criteria to evaluate Cloud Computing Services:
      ·         Performance
      ·         Technology Stack
      ·         Service-level Agreements and Reliability
      ·         Security and Compliance
      ·         Cost
Every company has its own way of delivering their services based on cloud computing. Pricing, flexibility, support should be measured before delivering the service. But the fact is that every service provider is not being able to provide the service up to the expectation. The most important part is to have good internet connection that would enable to retrieve and upload files. But a slower connectivity can reduce the efficiency and productivity of your organization. There can be an increase in utilization due to cloud computing as it reduces the labor. 
The revenue is expected to reach $148.8 billion in 2014 globally. According to the research of Gartner the service providers will be facing huge opportunity. Western Europe will generate nearly 23.8 percent while Japan will contribute 10 percent in the cloud computing market. Whereas, U.K. will represent 29 percent but the market of U.S. is expected to fall in 2014 by 50 percent. In 2010 there is an unexpected rise in the market of Cloud Computing Services which has hit $68.3 billion compared to 2009 it was $58.6 billion that shows an increase of 16.6 percent.
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Expand your Business with Cloud Computing Services
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