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Essential Gadgets To Help Enjoy Playing Golf In Non-familiar Courses

Golf which has for several years been considered as a mental game, is slowly turning to a tech game. The more decent gadgets you have, the better your golf experience. Though golf is a game played by the mighty, different people play the game for different intentions. Regardless of your purpose, there are some essential gadgets that you need to improve your golfing experience.

Below are some of the devices that you might need to have an enjoyable golfing experience.

#1. Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder

This device tops our list not just because we are voting for it, but due to the excellent features it possess for gauging distance. If you want to play the accurate approach shots, then you should have an absolute caddie.

Rangefinder technology

A few years back, you could use your eyes to measure the distance accurately. But not anymore! Rangefinders have taken away the confidence to evaluate the range. A rangefinder is a tool any golfer needs to have.

Rangefinder golf

If playing non-familiar courses, your rangefinder can help to accelerate the game as you will be using it to locate the yardage marker at each shot. Ensure this device does not miss in your golf bag.

#2. Sensor glove

Sensor golf glove

Sensor glove is another excellent gadget you should have, and it is sweat-proof. Sensor glove device assists you to enhance your game by keeping you away from injury and displaying your performance analysis on its modern screen.

Sensor gloves technology

This sweat-proof device can show which finger of yours that is holding the club steadily at the exact moment. Missing to have this device is like preparing to have an injury.

#3. SwingTip

SwingTIP golf

SwingTip is an excellent 2.5 inches long sensor that fits on any club. You can use the SwingTip application on Android and iPhone devices to record your move to and fro. If you do not have good shots, you can use SwingTip to find out the why that happened.

SwingTip apps

So leaning too close to the ball might also be the cause of your shots. If you want to improve your shots, consider using the SwingTip sensor.

#4. 3Bays GSA Putt gadget

3Bays GSA Putt gadget

If there is any gadget that makes your golfing experience memorable it is this little device, 3Bays GSA Putt. This analyzer records the movement of your club head and immediately provides the right information on an iPhone application. This gadget is essential as it gives you a chance to analyze the angle of your face, steadiness, and speed.

golf gadgets

3Bays GSA Putt is compatible with all models. You need this useful gadget, so you can analyze your steadiness and achieve better results.

#5. Zepp Golf 2 for golfing

Zepp Golf 2 for golfing

The Zepp Golf 2 comes with several features that help to enhance your game. This device seems to offer more than the 3Bays GSA Putt. It does not only examine your putt, but it also examines your backswing length. It also measures the speed of the club, tempo, and plane.

Zepp Golf 2

All the information measured by these devices is immediately delivered to your iPhone or Android applications. If there were more golfing tools like this, then many golf dreamers would have been far away.

#6. Crasher Slim

Crasher Slim

It is necessary to be informed of what is happening around you all the time. The only way you can do this while you enjoy your game is by purchasing the JLAB Crasher Slim. This device comes with great features that help you to enjoy tunes while you play. As a golfer, you need to know about the weather. Well, this gadget is all you need to so you can know when to carry an umbrella.

Crasher Slim speaker

But how will you use this device? Just pair the Bluetooth of the Crasher Slim with a phone’s speaker, and you start enjoying your favorite music. Don’t you think you need this gadget as a golfer? It is portable, and it has a battery life of up to 10 hours.


Playing golf is not all about training, but it also requires you to have the right gadgets so you can make the most out of your game. Golf gadgets are a must have if you need to have a decent game with accurate shots. If you didn’t know you needed these tools, now you know. Go ahead and start shopping.

Essential Gadgets To Help Enjoy Playing Golf In Non-familiar Courses
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