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Do You Really Need to Invest in Search Engine Optimization?


The whole internet world keeps on reciting about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In recent years we have heard the word so much that unconsciously many of us have started suspecting – is SEO an over-ranked word or is it really that much important?

In this article, we intend to burst your doubts related to SEO. Read yourself to decide whether you need to invest in SEO or not?

SEO focuses on increasing a site’s rank on Google

It would be a crazy question if I ask have you ever done a Google search. We all keep on searching hundreds of things on Google and for each search, Google comes up with millions of search results. And how many search results do we click to open? 2, 3 or 5? Even the person doing big research on Google will not go beyond 3rd to 4th page. Now think it from the point of view of your website. When will it be able to get clicks? Obviously when it appears on the first page of search result! SEO is that process that is used by Google to rank the pages in its search results. And organic web-traffic i.e. new customers come only on those pages that are ranked high in Google search results.

SEO compels website owners to produce quality content

Google uses over hundreds of SEO parameters to rank the websites so that the users can get the full benefit of the internet. And, the Google is becoming more and more intelligent with its every new update. Gone are the days when site owners stuffed keywords to rank high on Google without presenting useful contents to the users. Now no one can rank high by presenting trash to the users. Obviously, there are many tips and techniques to increase your visibility on Google but these tips only increase the quality of your content and website. Google is designed entirely to benefit the end users. So, if you are investing in search engine optimization you are ultimately increasing your website’s usability to your prospective customers and making them your loyal customers.

SEO builds psychological credibility for brands

Google works on a notion to increase its usability to the end users and so it has earned very positive image. We all trust Google for giving us the most accurate answer to our queries (and Google deserves the trust). So, when we ask Google about something, let’s say best pizza outlet, we believe that the first random name that appears on top is the best pizza outlet in our locality and we believe it without having a single bite of pizza from that outlet! Google has become our most trusted advisor. So yes if you invest in SEO and learn the art of staying on the first page of search result you’ll be able to exploit the trust we all put in Google.

I just shared three little facts about SEO (there are lot more). I’m not suggesting you anything. It is upon your wisdom to decide whether you need to invest in SEO or not!

Do You Really Need to Invest in Search Engine Optimization?
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