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Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep: Living With The “Sixth Sense”

As an avid follower of the TED conferences that are held annually in California, I have been introduced to a slew of under-development tech over the years. One of my favorite pastimes is to predict what new tech will be adopted by which industry, and when. As such, I have been anxiously awaiting the incorporation of a bit of tech called the Sixth Sense, since I learned about it in 2009.

Developed by Pranav Mistry, a researcher at MIT, the small device is capable of projecting holographic interfaces that users can interact with using their voices, gestures, and (on occasion) their hands. What results is the ability to scan barcodes on plane tickets for updated flight information, make hands-free phone calls, or even scan a person’s face to receive information (such as work, school, etc – but nothing personal such as account information, social security, or otherwise).
The above uses would be used sparingly, of course, but what would this kind of tech offer to different industries the world over?

It’s impossible to consider modern technology without mentioning streaming entertainment. Companies like NetFlix or Hulu could make use of the Sixth Sense device by offering their services as an app. Any one wearing the device would be able to stream movies off line, projecting it at whatever resolution that meets his/her demands at the time. Perhaps, even, once the technology advances enough it could access ultra-violet movie files users store on their clouds.

As we soldier on into the next few decades, after technology evolves to the right point, so, too, will our entertainment. No matter where we are, or what we’re doing, personal entertainment will be every bit as mobile and accessible as possible. Look to Sixth Sense technology to lead the way.

The only business that exists today that isn’t guaranteed to profit from Sixth Sense Technology is the food industry, because who wants to eat holograms? But I digress.

From architects to advertizing, businesses all over the world could see huge shifts in their business models. Business meetings could be conducted in which a person can use the device to meet with foreign partners when travel is out of the question – only, instead of a screen, associates will be interacting in physical space with a 3D projection.

Advertisers could save money on billboard ads by creating engrossing holographic projections on couriers, street teamers, and taxis. Architects could view a 3D projection of their design so that all logistics can be navigated in real time, and so that potential clients can see a “physical” example of what they are going to be purchasing. Even retail stores could use the tech, projecting images of products on shelves while keeping all products in safe-storage elsewhere in the building.

A more creative man than I will come up with some amazing uses of the tech that will shape the face of business. If nothing else, my ideas are simply a jumping off point.
The times change, but technology changes even quicker. Some day everything we do will be reinvented. The change might be drastic, or it might be subtle enough as to remain unsuspected. Mark my words, though, that Sixth Sense Technology will play a major role in the world to come.
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Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep: Living With The “Sixth Sense”
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