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Dial up, the beginning of internet connections

Those of us, who has been using internet services since the days of its commencement, will know that the dial-up internet services are the oldest form internet connections. This system is often said to belong to the pre-historic era of internet connections. Though it is the oldest form of internet connection, however even today it is the most widely used form.

The concept of standardized protocol was invented in the year 1982. Since then this kind of internet connection has gained much importance. The breakup of the Bell system in the year 1984 was the next big thing about this connection. As a consequence of this incident the telephone systems then came into the hands of the free enterprises. Along with this, a massive development was promoted by the money that came in for private research and other interests. The dial up internet connections is made by Plain old telephone service or POTS lines.

These connections mostly work in a simple analog process. A telephone number is send to a telephone switch from where a connection is directed to the router. This kind of application belongs to the Public switched Telephone Network or the PSTN. The PSTN is used to send and receive data, by the modem. What we call a modem is actually a modulate-demodulate.
Thus it is seen that the concept of a dial up connection was easily accepted by the consumers since they already had simple telephone or analog devices, which used to POTS lines to function. So, as the infrastructure that was needed to install an internet connection was already present only the technology was required.

As internet connections were made so handy, each and every individual of the country was after having a personal computer for himself or herself. But, these connections at that time were really slow. Moreover, when everyone returned home from their work and sat in front of their computers the connections used to succumb to the work load.

Dial-up networks are still preferred by most users. Ways to use both the internet and telephone connections simultaneously has been invented. The best thing about this sort of a connection is that they are still the cheapest form of internet connection. Since, the incoming calls were mostly free, connections were cheap. Dial-up relationships are still used in non-urban or distant places where DSL or a wire range assistance is not available, with the television online access an choice.

Since, there is an ever growing competition in this industry, most of the connection providers offer various features along with the connection set up, absolutely free. Some of those features are, spam protection, pop up blocker, accelerators which are actually software needed to enhance the speed of the connection and other services such as antivirus software and various technical supports.

Though it is a known fact that the highest possible speed that a dial up connection can provide is 56kbps by a V.90 modem and 128 kbps by the ISDN, yet it still is the most famous internet connection that people opt for. This is mainly because of it is less expensive and can be used in remote places along with urban areas.

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Dial up, the beginning of internet connections
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