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Desktop to Macbook: Funding Your Upgrade

Unless you happen to be a millionaire, the chances are that you struggle to keep up to date with all of the latest developments in technology. No sooner has the latest piece of computer equipment been launched on to the market than another newer, better, smaller or faster technological advance is produced.

Why Upgrade?
Maybe you have a son or daughter who ‘needs’ the latest machine in order to be part of the ‘cool crowd’, or perhaps you need to project the right image to clients or colleagues. You might have a desire to keep up with the neighbours or just a love of having the most modern and high-specification equipment in your possession. Gamers are always in search of the next upgrade in order to play the very latest games, which constantly push at the boundaries of graphics cards and processor speeds.
Counting the Cost
Depending on your available budget and the sort of upgrade you have in mind, there are a number of options available to you. From salvaging parts from other computers to making good money for older Mac productsin excellent condition, there are a variety of ways in which to approach your next upgrade.
Many ardent gamers would rather splash out money on a high-end graphics card than go for a complete new system. If you happen to have the technical know-how, fitting extra memory into a desktop, or even replacing the hard drive completely can be cheaper than shelling out for the latest model. You don’t have to be an expert however, as there are numerous video tutorials online offering step-by-step guides for a variety of computer upgrading projects.
Perhaps you don’t fancy doing it yourself, or maybe you have a notebook, laptop or Macbook, none of which are designed to be taken apart by money-saving owners. Selling your current model of computer could help you to fund the purchase of your next model, so don’t underestimate the resale value of the products you already own.
If you don’t object to investing a fair amount of time and money, then selling your hardware and software can raise some much-needed cash to boost your funds. Try putting up cards in the window of your local shops or on community notice boards in supermarkets. Put small ads in local papers.
Alternatively, you could try using an online auction site. Check out what prices similar items are selling for first and determine what sort of demand there is for your particular make and model. In the case of desktops, it may be worth selling off the various components separately to maximise your profits.
If all that seems to be too much hard work there are companies online who will sell your computers for you, along with software, including computer and console games. Some companies will also pay for things like your unwanted CDs and DVDs too, meaning you can de-clutter your home as well as make money for your next computer. With some companies even offering a free collection service, you barely have to get up from your sofa to make the cash for your next upgrade.
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Desktop to Macbook: Funding Your Upgrade
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