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How To Create Call-Only Ads in Google Adwords PPC?

Last week Google has announced Call-only ad campaign in Adwords. This type of ad campaigns allows searchers to call you directly through ads rather than click to the website.

Now why you should add phone number in your ads?

This is for those who are very new with it. Well, previously Google Adwords allows us to add Extensions with the Search Network Ad copies like Sitelinks, Location, Review, Callout and many more. These types of ads are showing on both desktop and mobile platforms.


This call extension feature will no longer available from June 2015. So you need to start or change your current ads call extension settings to call only ads from Google Adwords account.

call extensions

Why you should put your number in Call Only ads?

  1. It will show only on targeted audience with targeted mobile devices.
  2. It will encourage calling instantly to your business.
  3. Cost is same as normal click.
  4. No micro conversions, all direct macro conversions.

What are the benefits of Call only ads?

  1. As per Google Adwords Call-only ads, it can increase the CTR by 6-8%, which is really good.
  2. You can schedule this type of ads only when you can take business calls.
  3. There will be no junk leads, all will be genuine leads, because people who are only interested will call from that ad.
  4. Give More exposures and transparency to the customers.
  5. Will get a good Ad Rank position always.

So, here are the steps to create call-only ads:

STEP #1: Just create a Campaign, then Group and Create Ad or click on the Ads Red button if you have created a campaign already.

STEP #2: Now after clicking Create Ad option you can see Call Only Ad option into the list, just click on that.

call only ads

STEP #3: Follow the forms and fill up the required text and urls like Business name, Phone number, Description line 1, Description line 2, Display url, Destination url.

Destination url is one of the urls where your mentioned phone number is showing. You have to fill up that filled because Google Adwords will verify your given number.

STEP #4: Now the important part is, if you want to track the conversion for your business sales calls, then you must click on the radio button mentioned with A Google Forwarding Phone Number and click on the Report Conversion checkbox.

STEP #5: Now you are almost done, just click the Save ad button for initial ad review. Your ad will be approved within the day if everything is fine.

So don’t waste time, create your first call-only ad and wait for the sale calls.

Just note one thing that, if you are running call extensions already for ad copies, just disable or remove those before creating Call-only ads.

How To Create Call-Only Ads in Google Adwords PPC?
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