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Content Outside Your Niche: Why Do You Need It?

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We all have come to understand that there is power in blogging and this is why there are new blogs popping up everywhere. Most blogs focus on a specific niche which is what the blogger feels comfortable writing about. There are also many blogs suggesting that it is important to choose a niche and sticking to it. Although this is a very important part and rule of blogging success, there are also benefits when you write something outside of your normal posts. If you are not comfortable with other types of topics, you could always hire one of the top ghost writers.

Here are the benefits of writing outside of your niche

Broaden your audience

Everyone comes online for their own reasons and if your blog offers much more than your niche, you can reach those audiences as well. There really is no way to lose because you will still have enough articles for the people that come to your website for what it was started. Yes you can hire a professional ghost writer and blog ghostwriting has become very popular. However, you might not know how far you can go in another topic direction, so I suggest you have a go yourself first.

Engaging more

Social media is at the heart of anything happening online. If you write about different topics outside of your niche, you would possibly have more interaction on your social media platforms. Your audience has grown and that means more followers on social media. It also shows your readers that you have more to offer and they need to continue coming back to see what surprises is in store. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be offered a guest post on a popular blog and thereby having more people to engage with.


We are so focused on keeping each article within a specific niche that if you have something else to say, you don’t. Just because it is not within your niche, does not mean it does not add value. You are able to have more freedom in what you write and therefor sharing more of your inner thoughts with your blog readers. Perhaps you had the most interesting day and learned a big lesson you want to share. By writing outside of your niche, you are able to share any information you think might help someone.

More brainpower

Once you are so used to writing within your niche, you start doing it on autopilot. Letting your brain work a bit and think outside of the box is great. You are also able to show more of who you are because it will be more natural. Writing about something you want versus a topic you have to have great benefits for your own sanity. After writing a few posts outside of your niche, you will refresh your brain and soon have a ton of ideas within your niche.


As you can see, there are many benefits from writing outside of your niche. The idea here is to give you the freedom to write about anything and everything. You are in charge of what is published and that is what blogging is really about. Having a niche is important to reach your target audience at first, but as soon as that goal has been reached, do not be bound by it.

There are a lot of online viewers and you can reach as many of them as you want to. Maybe your interests have changed over the years and you are finding other things easier to write about. Whatever the reason is behind you wanting to write outside of your niche, I strongly suggest you give it a try and experience the joys that come with this kind of freedom.

Content Outside Your Niche: Why Do You Need It?
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Victoria Kane

Victoria Kane

Victoria Kane is a content manager and she is an amateur guest post writer. She is fond of writing, traveling and painting. Victoria enjoys her life and take each opportunity to make it more interesting. Her motto is “You can never have too much happy”.
Victoria Kane
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