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Considerations While Choosing Online Backup Services

Online backup storage helps to save your work in case your computer crashes. Nevertheless if you store files online, it can add vulnerability to your private documents. You can avail the choice between backing up your files online automatically or simply storing specific files online. A combination of physical storage, online storage and backups can work best for you depending on the usage of your computer.

If the hard drive of your computer crashes suddenly, you will understand that it’s really frustrating to not have your data backed up. External hard drives can be really expensive and tedious to use. Rather than using an external hard drive you can opt for backing up your data online. This will help you to get the access to all your saved files from any computer with a steady Internet connection. Regardless of the size of your business, your valuable computer data should be stored in a secured place. Online backup services work by monitoring the computer of your company. Moreover it makes an encrypted off-site copy when your new file is created.
You should take into considerations some factors while choosing online backup services:
Ask whether free services are available
You have to ask whether free services like free trial period or free storage space up to a specific capacity is available. You also have to ask about the costs in order to ensure the fact whether it’s an annual cost or cost per capacity usage. You should ask whether the backup services will support Windows as well as Mac servers and will support multiple computers.
Inquire about the storage of your data
You should also inquire about the storage of your data. You have to ask whether the data can be stored in more than one location. Check out the SAS 70 certification of the provider. This certification verifies that a third party has checked the security controls as well as the protocols. If your business is related to the medical industry, you can opt for a service provider having HIPAA compliance. This helps to protect the transmission of your medical data. Remember that all your data should be protected at the time of transmission by encryption.
Find out the process of restoring data
You have to ask the service providers about how your data will be restored if it is required. If it is a good service provider it will let you know about the several methods for restoring data through the Internet or by using portable media. If you do not have a machine for restoring data, you have to ask about the provider’s service. In case of critical data storage, you may need a hard drive shipped to you immediately.
Check out the testing procedure
You should also not forget to check out the testing procedure as it helps to ensure that your data backup is workable. You can also request the service provider to show you the backup reports like a notification that your backup has failed or that there is errors during backup.

Consider these factors while choosing online backup services and appoint an expert Home PC Backup service provider.
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Considerations While Choosing Online Backup Services
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