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Comparing IT Service Management Software

Managing IT service is the process of running your computer systems. It helps to provide value to your business from computer systems. Moreover it enhances the value of your business through problem management, system and support availability. The service management software ties together all these processes.


Information Technology Infrastructure Library

It is a consistent framework for managing services offered by an IT company. You can study Information Technology Infrastructure Library for making an idea of the services covered by the management. Moreover you can make an idea of whether there are shortcomings in your company. This will help you to make an estimation of your potential software solution.

Quality Assurance

It is the method of managing change. This process tracks the changes coming to your systems. Moreover it informs your company about the potential interactions that can cause problems.

Problem Management

Reporting as well as tracking your problems is a major part of service management. This helps to track back the specific changes made in your project. It is often known as ‘Help Desk’ software. However a good problem management goes beyond the reporting of problems.

Configuration Management

It helps to track and manage server changes that are not a part of the software like operating systems, application server and network software. While tied to the problem management in service managing software suite, cross referencing takes place to ease out trouble shooting. If a problem develops and you can detect any configuration change it can provide you the starting point of your investigation.


Companies often have tools for service management. While looking at service management solution you can see what has already implemented and assess potential software purchases for checking whether they will interact easily with what is currently in place.

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Comparing IT Service Management Software
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