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Choosing a Reliable Web Host Service for Your Website

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If you are looking for a web host service provider, it is best to know the kind of web host you want.

This will give you a good head start in your web host search. But once you begin your search, you will notice many other factors popping up the surface of your requirement that you had not thought of before. Such as how much-unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space are you going to get. Whether you are going to receive a 24 hours technical support or not.

Like these, there are many other factors to consider. It is up to you, how you want to do your homework when deciding on a web host service provider.

What Web Host Services Promise and What They Offer

The number of web hosting service providers out there are plenty. But the truth is that it’s never quite easy trying to figure out which one to pick out from the rest.

Some sweet-talk customers into buying their service with all kinds of shiny adjectives attached like ‘unlimited’, ‘Reliable’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Trustworthy’. And then there are some who will keep their technical weak points hidden from the customers’ eye.

If you are a newcomer, it is easy to feel real lost amidst so many promises and offers. But here’s what –

Follow What Other Customers Have to Say

The quality of a web host can vary. A particular host doing a good job with WordPress blog might not work the same in the case of an Active Server Page application.

A lot of people will recommend you to consider the list of criteria as to what you want out of your web host. However, if you are a newcomer and if you don’t have much idea about the web host, then that’s going to be a serious problem.

That’s Why User Reviews are Important

A user review is something like a first-hand information that you are getting from someone who has already used the service and knows better than just guessing works.

These reviewers have already run the gauntlet with potential web hosts and therefore can provide you with a brief about their whole web hosting provider and their service. But then,

Are these reviews biased or unbiased?

With the power of marketing tools and channels, web hosting companies can control their marketing position and publicity on the internet.

Writing regulated customer reviews in review forums is the latest marketing trend that even web host service providers make good use of.

As a result, most of the reviews come heavily regulated and biased. They seem fair but a close read will reveal that they appear less critical and more inclined towards talking the customer into buying the service. A good example of this is Blue Host.

Blue Host is one such highly recommended web host service provider that pays thousands of dollars to keep itself visibly listed at WordPress hosting site. But in reality, not all that they promise will turn out to be true.

Here is an insight into their real quality metrics that you might not find otherwise in WordPress review forum

BlueHost Customer Reviews Quality Trends and Insights

BlueHost Customer Reviews

Blue Host Reviews

So How Do You Choose a Real Review Site?

Since regulated review sites are abundant, searching for reliable review sites demand some observation and study on the part of the person searching for a web host. Here are some places where you can find real reviews –

  • Independent Third-Party Review Sites

Independent third party review sites are generally said to capitalise on the traffic through various marketing instruments such as ads. Since the money does not directly come from the host, there is no question of any conflict of interest.

  • Social Media

Social sites are a universal platform where everyone, including your web host company and their staff members, participate.

However, the best thing about social media is that while companies are trying to advertise themselves through the social platform, customers and the general public use social sites to give their service opinion, usage and experience a proper ground.

Since everyone participates in social media, there is much credibility to this place and hence should not be overlooked.


Choosing the right web host service provider is an important part to kick-start a business. But following the genuine reviews from the social media sites and the

Choosing a Reliable Web Host Service for Your Website
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