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Check Out These Home Improvement Blogs Before You Start That Next Project

When you can’t put it off any longer and your other half has won the battle of the wills, where do you usually look to for some DIY inspiration? If you are one of those who simply ambles into the nearest home improvement store and starts chucking random materials into the trolley without much thought, how do your efforts usually end up? Instead of gambling with your time and money, how about looking into some free and pretty awesome idea banks that never run empty? We have found 3 of the coolest DIY blogs that will soon have you thinking of new ways to do old jobs and they just may get you back into your family’s good books again.

The Interior Revolution

Okay, our first DIY blog is a real treat, especially if you are thinking about becoming a little greener in the future. The Interior Revolution is all about using sustainable materials for your interior design ideas. You will find some pretty wacky projects onboard but when you take a closer look, each one is an impressive way to cut down on unnecessary waste as you beautify your home. If making wallpaper from old wine bottles sounds like fun, you will be very happy here. And the blog also features new products that also claim to help the planet. It’s no hippy fest though and the writers have both feet firmly on the ground. Please take a few minutes to peruse this site and see if they can’t twist your arm into being a more responsible home improvement fan.

Young House Love

This is a very amusing, yet productive, take on how younger couples manage to cope with fixing up a rather rundown house. Most of us have been there and although we can smile as we reminisce, many other readers will use this as a DIY lifeline. Sherry and John take us on a very real journey and we can feel their joy and despondency as they battle through almost every DIY disaster known to man, and woman! They go into some detail on the budget side of each project and you can actually learn from their honest mistakes and save some money into the bargain. Sherry and John leave no home improvement stone unturned and we thoroughly recommend that you subscribe to their blog if you really want some insider tips that are totally unbiased and useful.


Although our final DIY blog is aimed at those ladies who love a power tool, it is a very good read for us chaps as well! You get some very useful projects to learn from and the humour is something else indeed. We spent hours just grinning at the insightful comments and came away with a shedload of new ways to attempt traditional DIY jobs. Try it for yourself and we defy you not to have some fun.

3 Ways To a Better Project!

So there you have it, try each of these and if you can’t find some guidance here, you should probably call in the contractors!
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Check Out These Home Improvement Blogs Before You Start That Next Project
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