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Can your iPhone applications help you save your dollars?

There are some people who may think that getting an iPhone is nothing but a waste of money. They are of the opinion that the cell phone that was particularly made to make our lives easier is actually nothing but a useless way of selling applications. Did you ever know that with your iPhones you could remain stylish and also lead a frugal life, saving your dollars? If you didn’t, here are some examples of the coolest applications that can assist you in saving your dollars in the long run. Check them out.
  1. BetterDeal: If you find yourself standing in a shopping mall not being able to decide which size of popcorn box will provide you the best deal, you can immediately use your iPhone application called BetterDeal. As the name suggests, this particular applications assists you in getting a better deal in whatever you do as it will help you calculate the exact numbers that you can determine before striking a deal.
  2. MeterRead: While the entire world is trying to go green and encourage all environment-friendly products, the iPhone application is also not an exception. Wouldn’t you love you save your bucks on electricity? Don’t you think that you can save your money by turning off the lights every time you leave the room? The MeterRead application helps you find out by checking the meter readings of your house and projecting the exact amount of energy usage. If you’re serious about saving money and leading a frugal life, you can surely use this particular application.
  3. GasBuddy: If you can save a dime on gas, how would that be? By using this particular application called GasBuddy, you can get exact information about the price of petrol and gasoline in the nearest stations. It will also give you information about where you can get the lowest price so that you may save a penny every time you refill your vehicle.
Therefore, if you’re someone who is using an iPhone, make sure you install all the above mentioned applications so that you can simply save money in the long run. You can remain stylish and frugal at the same time by using such money-saving applications.
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