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10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Facebook Business Page Reach

There are more than 1.440 billion users active on Facebook today, thus making the social network platform an attractive place for businesses to hang around. It is one of the most logical steps for a business to begin marketing. You might or might not wonder why, but to speak the truth, using Facebook is the fastest and the most cost effective medium to reach new, current and potential clients across the internet. There are more than 500 million users belonging to the United States alone, who are active on Facebook. While some might just merely set up a business page and think that their work is done, it is this page that can leverage your business performance and transcend its reputation beyond the existence within the World Wide Web.

Facebook business page reach

It’s fast, easy and you can boost your social marketing strategy by applying these 10 best practices from your Facebook page –

#1 – Uploading Photos From Behind-the-Scenes

There is no such thing as a photograph for engaging your customers online. A photograph can speak a thousand words and therefore has a far better potentiality to communicate even without the need to employ words. But are you looking for ways to engage customers with your brand? You may come up with a creative approach and some of the best ideas, but let me tell you another secret that can engage your brands better. Share behind-the-scenes photos of your company. Customers who love your brand would also like to know something about the people behind the walls who work to make the brand’s service come true. It can be a good public relationship tactic that can liven up your work place and also bring a smile on the face of your customers who get to view you daily on Facebook.

#2 – Uploading Videos And Creation of Playlists

Digital content can leave a powerful impact on Facebook. Besides, the social platform tweaked its algorithm so that videos could be promoted even more effectively. Last year in the second half, Facebook tweaked its News Feed Algorithm so that the most watched videos show up automatically on the users’ newsfeed. In fact, the social platform giant no longer considers just the number of likes and shares but also takes into account the duration and the number of times each video is being watched. Facebook now serves marketeers with a vast pool of potentialities that they can easily put to use for the benefit of their business. If you have uploaded a video on Facebook but do not have it embedded from YouTube, you simply include it into a playlist. You can make videos of your product features, online tutorials and other things that can now appear better on the peoples’ timeline.

#3 – Using the Page Header CTA Button

You Facebook business page can now have a Call-To-Action button located right on the page header. You can get to see it right on your Facebook page header, towards the bottom right side. However, do make sure to split test to analyze the end results, which include the number of likes and shares received and the number of page visits made to your website. Some of the CTA options that might seem to be a good choice are ‘Watch Video’, ‘Contact Now’ and ‘Shop Now’.

#4 – Sharing Exclusive Offers

First of all, you create a business page on the social platform in order to maintain good client relationship and to engage your clients to your brand through different activities. You can do everything to engage your target audience. However, customer retention should be your main goal after they have become successful conversions. Offer last minute discounts or run a contest asking people to vote a winner. Market statistics tell that about 42% of users like a Facebook page so that they avail offers like a coupon or a discount. You definitely do not want to miss out on such opportunities.

#5 – Conducting a Contest

If you think people on Facebook would least bother if you ever run a contest on the platform, then here is a quick update for you – 35% of people on Facebook like a page in order to take part in some contest. There are plenty of ways you can come up with one like a caption writing contest or sharing of the best clicked photo. Running a contest does not always need to conclude with a financial reward or an offer. It can be just for the sake of fun. Your fans like being part of a community and might be looking for ways to make themselves be known on the social platform.

#6 – Interacting With Other Facebook Pages

The social platform is a place where love should abide always. Like a page of other businesses and even engage in their posts by leaving a comment. Doing this can in return bring you benefits in exchange. This is called cross promotion, where other business pages would also like your business page and even mention it within their community out of gratitude. Besides, if you click on the like button of a business page, your own business page profile picture will get displayed as a vertical tab on the left hand side. A self help approach where you help your business page out.

#7 – Celebrating Milestones With Your Facebook Fans

Make your customers feel like they are a part of your community. Post updates about your company activities and other events using your Facebook business page. This will make your fans feel like they are being addressed, thus increasing their level of engagement even more.

#8 – Creation of Custom Tabs

Though might require some programming work on your side, nevertheless it can be worth considering for anyone seeking to expand one’s customer base. With custom tabs you can engage your customers by integrating features like billing, live chats, shipping information, your company background story, webinars, etc.

#9 – Split Testing Engagement Strategies

Conducting A/B test is essential for any marketing strategies. Split testing can help you understand user behavior online better. You can easily find out what kind posts does your target audience like to engage with the most. Or, at what time of the day would you have maximum number of target audience active online? Planning out your strategy would then become much better when you know how your market is going to reciprocate to a particular promotion activity online.

#10 – Showcasing Other Social Media Pages

The Facebook business page finds an effective medium that allows one to share profiles and pages on different social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,etc. You can add different social media tabs so that potential clients and prospects can enjoy a holistic overview of your corporate culture and that of your brand.

Do not underestimate the power of social media, particular that of Facebook

It offers a casual and friendly environment that every business might be looking for when they approach the customer market with their marketing strategy. A Facebook business page success depends a lot on both quality as well as quantity. While quantity is based on the number of friends you can make and how your interaction proceeds, quality is based on the kind of strategies that a business decides to approach the market with. But when you follow the above strategies to help make better customer engagement and better brand promotion, do not forget to offer something that has yet not been provided before on the social platform.

10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Facebook Business Page Reach
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