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Best Way to install Google Play and Google Apps

Google can be called as a giant in terms of search business and a pool of other web services. You can see this company renovating with added amount of features and services, which are hard to imagine by other players in the same stream. One of the most interesting innovation from Google is the operating system – Android, which is among the top OS for mobile devices.

It has one of the most interesting creation called Google Play Store, wherein you can find a loads of applications, games, devices, Instagram, etc. which any mobile user would love to access. In order to benefit from the same, you would need to install Google Play and Google Apps over your device. Let’s check how you can really do so in the following paragraph:

Installing the Google Play Store in your device

To install Google Play over your Android based mobile device, you need to first download the new Google Play Store apk (from the web). Once you download this particular file, keep it over your device. Now using your file browser, you need to locate this particular file and open the same. On doing the same, you need to enable the option called ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ inside your security settings. This will follow installing the Google Play Store, which will keep on working unlike any application. Now open the new Play Store and check things around wherein you can finally find root free installation. This will help in getting you a complete access to the latest version of Google Play. This will only work smoothly if you are installing the Android version of 2.2 and the higher ones. Once you install the latest Google Play Store over your Android based mobile device, you are all set to install the applications, which we will check in the next paragraph now.

Installing Google Applications over your Android based mobile devices

Once you install your Google Play Store over your Android based devices, you have the gateway to install different applications, games and other stuff via it. Now let’s check out the ways of installing Google Apps over your device. For this, you need to point over your mobile browser at the Google Play site and then choose the applications you want to install over your device. You will find a drop down menu called Shop over the upper left side of this site, wherein you can get to see a number of interesting applications in different category list. The moment you will find the application of your choice, you are supposed to install it and then you are almost done doing so.

Over the application page (late at the left margin) you will find an installation button, which you have to click to start the installation. Once you click it you would be presented a couple of details regarding the application, which you chose to install like application permissions, drop down list of the device, which you need to choose the appropriate one. Once you complete this step, click over the continue button, if you have chosen the paid application, you need to pay the money if it is a free app, you straight away end up installing the application.

Final word

Google Play Store is a wonderful source to access a slew of applications, games, music stuff and other things over your Android based mobile devices. The above are the ways of installing it and the number of apps through the same.

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Best Way to install Google Play and Google Apps
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