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How to Choose Best Online Text Editors for Writing

Best Online Text Editors

Writers and students usually need people to correct their mistakes and make their workflow. Therefore, these writers have resorted to experienced writers, editors, friends, mentors and family members to go through their essays or articles to correct simple errors, proofread and to ensure that all the sentences are well structured and simple. However, help with essay writing gives new ways of editing essays and articles online without consulting experienced editors.

The Internet comes with arrays of apps that can be installed on the laptops or phones to enable a writer successfully proofread and edit his work with ease. Examples of the mainstay apps currently used by most authors include Hemingway App, Ginger, and Marker Interface App. These apps are designed uniquely with welcoming homepages that are simple. The directions of how to use these apps are elaborated on the websites displayed on the screen which is readable. However, the text is reverted to the font and size provided in the app. An app like usually drafts a general paragraph about a statement written on the page as well as rephrasing the keywords that give the section a new content. However, writers should be cautious about the message delivered to the audience as alterations of the paragraph content may change the meaning of the information.

On example of online text editors is the Hemingway App tool was developed with the primary objective of proofreading to help fix potential errors in writing. Adam and Ben Long developed this app. The tool can highlight different problems, and clear essays and articles of complex words and phrases shorten long sentences, erase too many adverbs, and correct passive sentences. Furthermore, the app can use the color codes to highlight the errors. However, this app is unable to tell the writer on how to shorten long sentences, what to do with adverbs or how to correct passive sentences. Contrarily, it will suggest different simple words be used instead of the complex vocabulary.

The features of include a homepage with a welcoming note. The page has explanations of various items and their usage on the screen for the writer to quickly grasp before proceeding to edit. This app is a type of word processor with its editing tools that can be switched off via a click on “write” in the upper right corner to provide a free space for writing. The various tools for formatting are lined across the top screen with the writing space centrally placed. Conversely, the screen has limitations on font sizes and types with no color combinations. However, it allows for copy pasting from other documents, but the font is changed to that used on the screen. Upon completion of the essay, it is recommended that the writer clicks on the “Edit” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to engage every editing tool all over the document. The entire document becomes colorful with a status bar on the right side.

The app grades the readability of the document based on the sentence structures and the vocabulary level. Besides, there is a drop-down box for primary stat which reveals facts about the document and the word count. Furthermore, there is a legend of colors that correspond with the selected sections of the report. The app highlights the adverbs, passive voices, phrases, and complex sentences and provides simpler alternatives instead of correcting the mistakes.

The Write URL is a collaborative real-time online text editor with no registration, password with a click on the document. The text editor enables a writer to use any language then format the text with bold, fonts, italic, underline, text size, line spacing, and links as well as allow inclusion of images. The text editor is free where writers can share through collaboration while the readers can share read URL as well as ensuring an easier way of publishing a snapshot of documents as a web page with publishing URL. Writers who collaborate can simultaneously work together in real time with the document visible to all the writers. The collaborator has no worry about file attachments and merger of all the changes. On the same note, the text can easily be edited offline and the changes saved on the devices which are later sent to the server when one accesses the internet. Besides, the security of the document is catered for with end to end data encryption. Elsewhere, the document is stored on the server and is not lost. Apart from the above-stated features, Write URL can reveal statistics on the keyboard mistakes, web page speed, and other social media site statistics.

In conclusion, writers find it easier to use editor’s apps instead of hiring an editor to do the job. In most cases, the publishers’ apps are word processors with useful editing tools and a free space to compose an essay or article. The formatting tools are lined up across the top screen with limited font and point size choices. Besides, they provide copy and paste system. Thus, they are critical in helping students and writers experience the help with essay writing.

How to Choose Best Online Text Editors for Writing
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