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Best Internet Providers That Offer Fiber Optics

High-speed Internet has become an essential part of society today, but with the recent find of fiber optic – internet service providers (ISP) now can vary in speeds and availability by company and location. ISPs have added another way they can deliver internet to everyone; it now ranges from broadband to fiber optic to dial-up to DSL and more. For someone who is interested in acquiring one of the fiber optic internet plans there are several factors that must go in. One has to first determine what services are available in the area and decide what type of internet connection best fits their needs. The lists below are just a few ISPs that are well known for their fiber optic internet services and plans.


AT&T owns boundless miles of phone lines to deliver a wide variety of services, such as dial-up, DSL and their fiber optic internet – called U-verse. U-verse delivers a fast internet connection that can have speeds up to 24Mpbs, with combined wireless and expert-grade firewall. With their fiber optic internet service starting at 3Mpbs and reaching up to 24Mbps, it should be more than enough for an everyday gamer, movie watcher, and avid online user to fill their internet needs. The only downfall of AT&T U-verse and their other internet services, their plans are obtainable mostly in the Midwest and Southeast.

Since AT&T only offers their internet services in 22 states, its best to learn more about their plans, internet speeds, and the areas they cover by visiting their website at: 

This ISP offers exceptional security, with their fiber network and can deliver upload speeds up to 150Mpbs in numerous areas. Even though Comcast can provide a customer a speedy internet connection, they do not provide any DSL services and are limited on coverage nationwide. Comcast Xfinity provides services in 39 states and most of those are available for wireless internet and their fiber optic network. With Xfinity mostly being accessible in large metropolitan areas, it limits their coverage for the 150Mpbs plan. Even though coverage is restricted, Comcast can deliver some of the highest speeds and offer other extras with their plans – including security, identity protection, parental controls, and online television programming – comparable to several other ISPs.

For more information on plans and which areas are available for their services visit:

Time Warner offers several different types of internet connections, Road Runner, EarthLink, and their own hybrid fiber optic cable network. They are able to offer an average of 50Mpbs through their fiber optic internet via the area is where service is provided. With their high-speed service limited in certain areas, they have two other plans that help deliver average internet speeds – one being Road Runner and the other EarthLink. For a customer looking for medium speeds of 10-30MPbs, Road Runner would be the best suggestion and for standard usages that vary in lower speeds, EarthLink is provided. Time Warner is available mostly on the East and West coast and varies in the Midwest. With the limitations on coverage, Time Warner can still deliver decent speeds for watching videos, shopping online, streaming movies, downloading music, and checking social networks.

Availability is limited for Time Warner’s internet coverage; for more information on areas they cover visit:

Their new fiber optic service, called FiOS, delivers lightning speeds up to 300Mpbs. Verizon also provides a regular DSL service that can offer up to 50Mpbs, for standard online users. FiOS is a technology proficient enough for downloading at 300Mpbs and uploading up to 65MPbs, which is more than enough to handle any online user’s internet needs. As with the other ISPs on this list, Verizon FiOS is not available everywhere – mostly concentrated in the Northeast – unlike their DSL service that ranges nationwide.

If interested in their FiOS and which areas they cover, visit:

For information on Verizon’s DSL services, visit:

Each of these internet service providers have many pros and cons, which make each of them helpful only to those who benefit from them overall. ISPs that offer fiber optic internet can vary in availability all over the U.S. and will have different speed and connection plans. To find the services available in a certain area, it’s always best to visit the provider’s official website – where there is an option to type a zip code or address – to determine if that ISP is available. With countless internet providers that offer fiber optic, there are plenty to choose from that will fit any online user’s different needs and preferences.

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Best Internet Providers That Offer Fiber Optics
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