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Best Headphones Available

MP3 player are used in the home, at the gym, at work, and basically everywhere. Along with these music players, computers and televisions are other popular music playing devices. For these devices, especially the MP3, users are always looking for the best headphones available. There are various categories and styles. Headphones can be earbuds, full-size, portable, wireless, noise-cancelling, or various combinations of these. Here are some of the popular choices that have good reviews from various researchers and users.
• Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones: These buds are comfortable, compact, and have notable sound quality. Their expensive price of about $500 is said to be worth it, so they must be good. The audio quality is a luxury that many music-savvy buyers are buying into.
• Bose QuietComfort 3: Bose has fixed up their popular noise-cancelling headphones to be smaller without losing any of their remarkable sound quality. The QuietComfort 3s are more expensive than their larger ancestors, but the size change makes them a higher-quality product. Going for $349, they are about $50 more than the QuietComfort 2s.
• Sennheiser HD 800: Reviews have noted these headphones as one of the best out there. CNET Editors’ Review claimed that the HD 800s “sound more like listening to full-size speakers.” At $1400, we would hope so! These pricey headphones have perfect sound and a comfortable design that covers the entire ear. There is a headphone cable that can be detached for convenience. These are not a good match for iPod users, but their sounds quality is incomparable for other devices. Sennheiser’s previous model, the HD 600, is from more than 10 years ago, yet they still hold their popularity. The company is known for their precise engineering of great products.
• Thinksound TS01 10mm headphones: For listeners looking for a lower price without losing much quality, these earbuds are the way to go. The sound may not be sharp enough for true sounds fanatics, but they do have a great bass. The buds are a bit smaller than the average, so people with larger ears may not choose these. A fun fact about Thinksound is that they are aiming to design products with the smallest possible eco-footprint. This is new in the portable electronics market, so these “natural” earbuds are gaining some popularity.

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Best Headphones Available
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