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Benefits: Enterprise Mobility Solutions On Multiple Platforms

Mobility solutions have emerged as one of the prominent solutions that have been adopted by the companies in the business world to promote their user centric model in all proportions. It is important to note that the diverse frameworks and open source technologies that are in vogue have already made their presence felt in the market with a key distinctive outlook towards business growth.

Enterpric mobility solution

The consumer segment that are using gadgets and mobility products across diverse platforms like Android, IOS and Windows are already targeted by cross functional applications that promotes the brand and its credibility in true spirits.

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In the last few years, business world have also looked at adopting mobility solutions for their enterprise requirements. It has manifold benefits like providing a comprehensive tracking of performance on a real time basis especially with supply chain management and logistics with the use of ruggedized mobile computers that provides ample success in warehouse functionality as well as productivity.

Tracking Performance and Workforce Management

RFID devices are also helpful tracking as well as monitoring the workforce management especially with team working in remote conditions.

  • In order to improve customer service for the consumer segment bar code printers as well as scanners with solutions in voice are now a prominent force in the packaging as well as picking of logistics with improved accuracy and frequency.

  • Also it is significant to note that many companies today are also looking to combine mobile scanners as well as printers with computers or pair the solutions in voice with printing as well as the computer.

  • One of the most important benefits that is approached in this method is that the product is carried to the process instead of workers coming to and fro between stations.

  • Due to the competitive nature of the market in Smart phones with the numerous players available, it offers excellent solutions for companies today with their increased capabilities and prices that are lower with enhanced acceptance among the users to be ideal for environments in distribution.

  • 1D as well as 2D bar code scanning facilities at short and long ranges provides the much needed flexibility in the production environment. The intelligence that is built in with printers that are smart with mobile provides convenience in labeling instead of a hard wired system of computer.

The Best Practices

A recent study of IDG suggested that nearly 68 percent of the technology officers including the CIO’s and managers in IT believes that infusing mobility to enterprise solution is critical for success. Around 70 percent of them plan to spend their IT budgets in mobility solutions in future. As a significant portion is looking for a general shift in mobility it is important to adhere to some best practices.

  • Creating a lucrative business case for the executive will be extremely important. Let us cite the example of sales people for example.

  • Providing them value with better product knowledge with lucid information in applications will surely help them reduce and shorten sales cycles in future.

  • Expressing the benefits of the mobility application to tracking their performance and also communication in their language will be of prime importance

  • Consideration of different mobile applications is also fast gaining significance. A recent study of Progress Software provided insights that nearly 33% of employees felt the need of hybrid approach for mobility application that is aligned to native features.

  • Twenty five percent considered the utility of Android and IOS as native platforms of mobility. It is true that the preference for HTML5 is on a high rise due to its compatible and dynamic nature.

  • Progress Software also observed that newer technologies like NativeScript will have a big future as an open source solution that will allow greater flexibility than Apache Cordova that is limited to hybrid development.

  • The best attributes of NativeScript is that it can help in building native apps without writing down on native codes.

  • They also have increased applicability across resources of web they are familiar with like JavaScript as well as HTML5. The single language use will help you work around with native capabilities with enhanced integration.

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Understanding your infrastructure is also a key during the implementation of mobility solutions as it may have a towering effect on the bandwidth resulting in hindered performance as well as productivity with inconsistent performance. Understanding the real time bandwidth consume will be critical in this case.

Your users should always be kept in mind while designing the perfect solution of mobility applications for them. Understanding the pain points of the employees will be critical as their alignment and eagerness to use the platform will be complementing the success of the mobility solution to good effect. The application have to be readily accepted by the entire workforce fraternity as an extension of convenience and a tool of enhanced performance.

Benefits: Enterprise Mobility Solutions On Multiple Platforms
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