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Benefit of CAT5 Cables for Your Desktop Computer

When people hear about CAT5 cables for the first time, they are probably unaware of what these cables are used for. This is a rather ironic situation because that same person probably has a few CAT5 cables running through their own home. The CAT5 cable is the cable that is run from your router to your desktop computer. Although many people use Wi-Fi these days, there are still plenty of different situations where a CAT5 cable makes sense.

If you need some new cables for your home or place of business, then you should definitely look into the cat5 cables at TriangleCables. You will always get a decent price when you shop at TriangleCables, and you never have to worry about getting charged too much for some simple cables that can improve your online experience. These cables are mandatory if you are not going to be using Wi-Fi in your home, and sometimes it makes sense to have them even when you already have Wi-Fi installed in the home.

Some people feel like they get a stronger connection to the Internet when they use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection, so they like to use the wired network cables when it comes to watching streaming videos or playing video games through a network connection. If you need some new network cables for your own home, then make sure that you are getting the CAT5 cables that can help you connect the computers in your home to the Internet.

If you are confused as to whether to opt for cat5 cable or cat6 cable for your computer networking requirements, you have come to the right place for getting some sort of clarification to your confusion:

Generally, twisted pairs of cables act as the important means of connecting together computer networks for the purpose of transmission of data. In some countries, this twisted pair takes the form of unshielded pair, while in some nations, they are offered as shielded pair. Of these shielded models are costlier as compared to unshielded; however it has some problems as compared to the unshielded models.

These types of wires are classified into two kinds and they are stranded and solid. Of these the solid model is known to possess the best transmission properties even though they are stiffer and difficult to install in tight spaces. When it comes to patch cables, stranded models are more affordable; however, they are known to suffer some performance issues as compared to solid models. In addition to these two models of cat5 and 6, there is another model called cat3 or category 3 cables and they are generally used for telephonic usage and rarely for computer networks as well.
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