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BARZZ API – Raising Bars to a Premier Spot with Better Customer Approach

Barzz API feed

Is your business one of the best places to enjoy city life?

How about setting yourself online? You might already have, but being online is not an easy nut to crack if your business is all about entertainment. And that includes keeping your customers informed about the latest buzz on time through websites, apps or any other online publications.

You want party people and newcomers to set their heart and foot at your place as they step in, but before that, you need to grab their attention and arouse their curiosity. The fastest way to do it is with BARZZ api.

BARZZ – For the latest Buzz on Bars

BARZZ gives the latest news and information about any bar, club, party guide, happy hours, events, band search in the city. It’s one of the premier online destination for discovering nightclubs and bars. Users can visit the website or simply download the app in their smartphone and search on the move.

For businesses, BARZZ gives you a 360º degree approach to your marketing strategy and plan. Whether you have set up a modern ambiance or a more traditional historical holster, advertise your business based on specific information like your bar type, geographical area and amenities.

Their recent collaboration with 3Scale API Management Platform gives users a seamless search experience. With this, users can just register and request and API key and sample request.

Raise your Bar with BARZZ

For Users – Awesome Customer Service

With the BARZZ API, users can –

  • Request information based on specific venues
  • Stream up to 20 results filtered by location, specific bar type and amenities
  • Search for any venue information through phone number, geo-location and parameters specifying zip code, city and state name.

BARZZ.Net API Documentation

BARZZ.Net API Documentation

  • Additional filter features include – the type, amenity, offset, specials

BARZZ.Net API Documentation

Feels awesome right! Yes it is. With BARZZ API feed, you set your bar/club at a premier destination above the rest.

Now that you have learnt about the customer service benefits, let’s look inside the back end of the service now. Like every businesses, you too are curious as to how your business gets that extra boost. Here is what BARZZ has in store for your business.

For Businesses – What’s in Store?

If you are a newcomer to BARZZ, then you need to register first to use the API feed. Here’s a list of all the things that are in store for businesses registering with BARZZ –

  • Basic Plan and Surprising Features

Just pick a plan (the basic plan for newcomers) and sign up.


You can request access to an API key to report and authenticate the calls that you make for BARZZ’s secured and dedicated portal at 3Scale:

  • Standard Authentication

BARZZ uses standard authentication pattern to validate your API requests.

  • Rate Limits

You can get requests for up to 5,000 API calls per day. Businesses can make additional requests by including the API in the subject header or contact at info@barzz.

  • Create Awesome Applications with BARZZ

Don’t have a business app yet? No worries. Use BARZZ API to create awesome applications for your business.

  • Exclusive BARZZ Gear

Setting up a new club or bar? Deck your store up with BARZZ Gears, which includes bar tools, apparels, novelties, bartending kits, home décor, etc. Visit this page to learn more.

Make Your Business Place the Talk of the Town

Excited? Then what are you waiting for? With over 30,000 club venues and bars in the United States, how do you push your way through and set yourself in the limelight? The answer is BARZZ.

Redeem the discount of 20% with Promo Code: BARZZ020

Get started by clicking here: or call 888-462-2799

BARZZ API – Raising Bars to a Premier Spot with Better Customer Approach
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