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Backup and Disaster Recovery – An Overview

Can you say what can happen tomorrow? The answer is definitely a big no. Similarly, you cannot predict what disaster can affect your business at what time. So, it is better to prepare an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in advance to tackle small daily disasters as well as the crucial ones.

What are the features of a disaster recovery plan?

A good backup and disaster recovery plan states down the points given below:

· Assets to be replaced;

· Data to be recovered;

· Methods through which the business will function during the process of recovery; and

· The means and modes of communication during the recovery process.

These are the features of a proper backup and disaster recovery plan.

Now, how can you prepare an effective backup and disaster recovery plan?

· Organize a disaster recovery team with your company’s key people having good knowledge about the assets of your company.

· Carry out an asset inventory with the help of which the disaster recovery team will mark the physical assets of your company.

· Store the important data off-site to make sure that it is safe during the time of disaster.

· Do not forget to schedule total data backup on a daily basis.

· Conduct an assessment of the possible risks that can affect your company as a result of a disaster. This will help the disaster recovery team to take decisions regarding what actions to take in order to protect the assets from any disaster.

In this way you can prepare a good backup and disaster recovery plan. Backup tools are available in the market, which can be used for backup and also to restore important data stored in computer. Genie Backup Manager is one of them.
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