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Auto blogging does work or not?

Have you ever heard of “auto blogging“? It’s basically where you create 10s to 100s to 1000s of blogs. They get indexed by Google. Then they start getting traffic from Google because they’re so well optimized for whatever keywords you’ve selected. You can then monetize the traffic with Google Adsense, CPA ads, or build an email list. It’s SIMPLE.
… WAIT, no it’s not!
I’ve tried it, and guess what? It didn’t work for me. Chances are, if you’ve ever tried it, it didn’t work for you either. I always heard about guys that would click a few buttons, crank out these massive 1,000 page websites, get traffic, and make over $100k a MONTH, without doing anything. No customers to worry about. No product to full fill. Nothing. That’s what sucked me into at least giving it a try. I know for facts that people ARE auto-blogging and making huge amounts of money, but I couldn’t ever figure out what I was doing wrong.
Then I spoke with a guy named Jason Katzenback. He’s the owner of a bunch of link building, traffic generation products… but more importantly, he’s making a TON of money with auto-blogging. Anyway, after I spoke with him, he showed me the things he’s doing in 2010 to make auto-blogging work REALLY well for him. I showed him what I was doing, and he told me that what I was trying, used to work in 2008 and even 2009, but in 2010 things changed had significantly.
That was at least comforting to know to know I was following instruction correctly (even though I was following, out-dated, rehashed instructions from the course I’d bought. I won’t name names)
Anyway, since our conversation, he went on to create a brand new “system” to teach exactly what he’s doing to make HUGE amounts of income monthly, with auto-blogging, in 2010. I’m reading through the course as I write this email, and really like what I’m reading. He talks about some of the stuff he’d told me in our initial “talk”, plus a ton of other stuff that I’m just getting to now. REALLY good stuff.
I highly highly recommend that you check it out, because Jason is the real deal when it comes to auto-blogging. He walks the walk and isn’t just rehashing other people’s info (which is why auto-blogging doesn’t work for most people. They’re reading out-dated, rehashed material)
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