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Attention – Grabbing Explainer Video: 5 Topmost Features

Now more than ever, it has become very common to see an explainer video embedded in a blog or website. Such videos have become extremely popular and in demand for the reason that they help a lot when it comes to providing information and details in the simplest manner. It is not a secret that most people will never bother to read text and would be more inclined to click on a video just to know what the blog or website has to offer.

Thanks to explainer videos, companies have successfully increased their conversion rates. Most online marketers even email these videos to people included in their mail lists. One more notable benefit of these videos is that they help boost search engine rankings of sites where they are featured.

Explainer Video software

If you haven’t given explainer videos a serious thought, now might be the perfect time to do so. But before you do that, make sure that you look into the following:

  • Your explainer video must be short in length. Many videos are only one minute long although you can find some that are a bit longer. The absolute maximum for explainer videos is three minutes as there are chances that the person will stop watching beyond a point which can make him or her miss the last parts of your video.
  • The focus of your video must not be the features but the benefits instead. They key to selling a product or service is providing the right answer or solution the moment the potential customer wonders what’s in it for him. The main purpose of explainer videos is to grab attention, not make a sale. When the video perks up the person’s interest, a sale might follow.
  • An explainer video must get to the main point right away. Online users have very limited time in general so they expect to get everything they need immediately. You have very little chance to get another opportunity to be in touch with a potential customer who decides to click away from the video.
  • The video should boast of a high quality. This doesn’t refer to the video alone but also to the idea. Shoddy productive values are not going to deliver the results you want and worse, this ca have a very negative impact on your business.
  • Never go overboard when it comes to special effects as these can get very distracting from your message that you want to convey to the viewers. In addition, it might also cause the video to take too long to play or load.

It is very important for you to get an explainer video done and created with extra care so that it will give you the results you expect from it. If you are interested in hiring a professional explainer video company then checkout Again Studios. They make awesome videos. Many people would rather let the professionals handle these things since they don’t feel that confident in getting the job right and they wouldn’t mind spending some money as long as something good will come out of it.

Attention – Grabbing Explainer Video: 5 Topmost Features
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