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ATM Deposit Instructions

Gone are the days when you had to wait in a long queue in the bank in order to draw or deposit money. With the introduction of ATM life has become easier. You can draw cash any time you wish. In time of an emergency you don’t need to waste time by standing in a queue. You can just visit the nearby ATM and draw cash as per your requirement.
Though people use ATM for withdrawing cash, many few use it in order to deposit money. But making an ATM deposit is equally easy and time saving. It is a hassle free process. If you are wondering how to make an ATM deposit, go through the instructions given below.
  • You need a deposit slip to make an ATM deposit. You will find the slip in your bank. In most cases the banks want their clients to attach the deposit slip with the deposit they are going to make. But there many banks that don’t have such requirements. So check with your bank whether it has any such requirements.
  • Once you fill the deposit slip you need to endorse the back of the cheque you are going to deposit. Does your bank offer a separate envelope? If yes, you should put the cheque along with the deposit slip inside the envelope. Check the holder beside the automated teller machine for the envelopes. You may also collect these envelopes from your bank.
  • You should seal the envelope before you make the deposit. Make sure to write your name as well as the amount of deposit you are going to make in front of the envelope.
  • Once you finish all writing your name and deposit amount, just insert your card and enter the PIN. Select the “deposit” option and the proper account (savings or current). Finally punch in your deposit amount and press enter.
Isn’t it easy? If you find any problem with the machine, contact your bank or the ATM manufacturer (if you know) immediately. The best ATM company always offers quick service. It will send a certified tech to fix the problem to ensure a smooth monetary transaction.
So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this gift of technology without any hassle.
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ATM Deposit Instructions
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