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Apps That Can Help You Be More Productive

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This can be the joke of the millennium if you track your daily online activities and someone tells you that internet, mobile, and computers were made to save our time. I’m not doubting the inventors’ intentions but today these things waste more time rather than saving it. We try to adjust social media in our daily routine and realize that the Social Medias have adjusted our time according to them.

We all have experienced those days when we log-in to some Social Media for few minutes and realize that the time is over only after a few hours. We spend our whole day amidst the bundle of apps running on our mobile or PC. So, why not add some more apps that can help us in digital detoxification!


It is good to socialize but if it starts hampering your productivity you should start anti-socializing. The Anti-Social app is designed to break the bad habits of phone addicts. It gives the user a detailed report of his mobile using pattern. And also provides the comparative analysis with the other users and creates a normal usage benchmark. It tracks and tells how much time you are spending on Social Media apps, texting or listening to music etc. When you see clearly how much time you waste you can plan your days more smartly.

Unplug and Reconnect

Once you know where you waste your time, you can create an ideal routine. But getting out of track is not difficult. After all, we have gained an expertise in not sticking to our planned routine since childhood. Unplug and Reconnect works as a guide who makes you stick to your routine. You just need to tell the app about the time when you want to disconnect and focus entirely on the work at hand. The app automatically puts you in the Do Not Disturb mode at the designated time. It can also send a message to your callers that you are unavailable at the moment. Once the time is over you are reconnected to the world.


The internet is the bread and butter for many of us. We need to stay tuned for our emails, phone and messaging apps to keep up with the client. We can’t do our work without surfing the internet. And so we are the most vulnerable individuals for internet distractions. FocusBooster is an app working on the Pomodoro technique. When you use this app you will have to work with full concentration for 25-minutes and then you get 5-minutes break as a reward. The constant running cycle of reminding alarm helps you keep your focus on work. Further, the technique of taking an intermittent break is also known to enhance concentration and productivity.

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Apps That Can Help You Be More Productive
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