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Apps That Break A Sweat

Creating an App that delivers it all when it comes to fitness can be a little more involving than it may sound on the surface. Some people are trying to lose weight while others are trying to gain muscle mass. Some people simply need physiological feedback while using certain exercise equipment. Others need an app that will provide them with the motivation needed to get out there and make it happen in the first place. Whatever your need that is related to fitness, this list of apps will put something at your fingertips that will make sweating through your next work out a little bit easier and certainly more productive.

Garmin FIT

While Garmin is associated with the GPS tracking hardware that you may have in your car, they have also now developed software that will keep you moving on the road without the assistance of a vehicle. This app uses the same advanced GPS technology to keep track of your distance, speed, and time engaged in exercise. It will even track the elevation of your route as you jog. Using built-in algorithms, Garmin will calculate the number of calories you are burning in comparison to your age, weight, and height. Another great feature is the fact that you can have your own music playing while Garmin does all of the fitness paperwork.


This app removes a great deal of stress that comes with dieting by taking care of the math when it comes to calorie counting. Rather than having to worry about the figures yourself after every meal, this app will give you instant results. It also works in conjunction with your phone to allow you to scan in the barcodes of certain foods, eliminating the need to manually enter the nutritional information on the back of the package. The program has access to over 3 million different foods from local and national supermarkets.

Strava Cycling
Unlike many of the GPS-based apps that track your progress as you exercise, this software takes all of your critical information while biking and puts it into a centralized database where you can compare your progress with other users. There is nothing like a little healthy competition when it comes to getting yourself motivated to exercise. The success of online gaming is applied to the real-life task of exercising thanks to Strava Cycling.

Nike Training Club
Nike is breaking the habit of apps to only address one particular exercise machine or a specific type of workout. This app provides comprehensive guidance, workout routines, and suggestions to meet particular goals using every type of exercise equipment that is available in the gym or home. As users make progress, new routines and fitness programs are unlocked as well. You basically have the advantage of working with an experienced trainer without having to pay the additional money.

Pocket Yoga
Some people simply do not find group yoga classes to be a relaxing experience. However, receiving experienced guidance in the home can often be difficult. This app allows the user to  find inner peace  at their own pace, in a private environment. There are videos, illustrations, and techniques that will guide you through 27 comprehensive routines that range from beginning exercises to highly-advanced stances.

Getting in shape meets you halfway when this type of technology is aiding you in the effort. Whether you are concerned about stats, food, or performing exercises correctly, these apps will reduce the sweat from stress and replace it with sweat that comes from getting healthy once more.

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Apps That Break A Sweat
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