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Allow Your Bad Boy Blackberry To Help You Grab Some Lovely Sleep – Now!

If you are the type who frequently suffers from sleepless nights, you should probably look into getting some professional help. Not only can lack of sleep seriously ruin your day, your health and mental state can also be affected. Over twenty percent of all road traffic accidents are believed to be a result of driver fatigue, and that is a scary statistic. As well as visiting your doctor for some medical advice, you could do worse than checking out some cool apps on your very own Blackberry Smartphone.

They’ve developed a few cracking applications that promise to have you counting sheep before your head even hits the pillow. We’re not so sure, so here comes a few unbiased reviews for sleepy heads everywhere.

Dream Sounds – Relax and sleep by Chonk Ltd – Free
When you are desperate to get some sleep and you simply cannot drift off into the land of nod at will, your mind starts to wonder and you often start to focus on a random noise . Instead of sleeping, your brain remains active and sleeping becomes a real difficulty. This can happen even in the quietest of environments.  This is why it is very useful to have some kind of relaxing noise in the background when you are trying to doze off. This app includes some of the most chilled ambient noises every recorded and if you can’t get some rest whilst listening to these, you’re in big trouble. Reviews are already flying in and they are all very positive indeed. You can choose from a nice selection and set the app to fade out at a certain time. These are proven to work with children as well as adults and who doesn’t wish that their little darlings could get to sleep just a little faster sometimes? The soundtracks are as follows:
  • Amazon Jungle
  • City Noise
  • Formula 1
  • Waterfall
  • Wind Chimes
So, a real mixed bag then, but all of these tracks have been proven to help individuals grab a great night’s sleep – try them now!
Total Relaxation by Hypnotherapist Direct Ltd – $3
Our second Blackberry App is not exclusively aimed at getting that perfect 7 or 8 hours sleep, but it certainly addresses the tiredness factor that can result from sleepless nights. Total Relaxation is a very complete hypnosis audio session that offers the user an easy way into finding inner peace. It contains a full support section whereby you will learn exactly why and how you can trust this application to help you relax – totally. The onboard video interviews explain, in depth, about the ways we tend to tense up and how we can find some solace by entering the world of meditation. The renowned hypnotherapist, Darren Marks, leads us through the session and many users have already expressed their appreciation. If you are looking to chill out a little more and need some help in that direction, why not download this app and you may be entering a new realm of ‘chill’ in your life.
Blackberry Loves You!
These 2 apps are pretty different, but they both have some good intentions close to their hearts. If you are finding it hard to sleep or perhaps relaxation is an issue, why not grab them both now?

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Allow Your Bad Boy Blackberry To Help You Grab Some Lovely Sleep – Now!
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