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Add These Super Smartphone Apps To Your Project Management Team – Now!

Nowadays, project management plays a large part in most companies, whether they are a 10 man operation or a much larger concern. Essentially, project management deals with taking a bunch of predetermined ideas and turning them into a workable reality. It is essential to maintain communication throughout the project and a tight team ethos should be maintained throughout.

It is also crucial to have the best tools available, whatever sector of industry is being worked within. This article takes a look at some very useful Smartphone Apps that lend themselves to this fascinating working arena. If you are thinking about adding some software to your working arsenal, please read on for some unbiased reviews.
Project Schedule – Free

Our first Smartphone Project management App is brought to you via Android market, and it’s absolutely free. Project Schedule aims to bring the full project management and task scheduling toolset to your humble Smartphone. Let’s face it, many of us do not have the inclination to drag our rather bulky laptops around with us, so why not downsize without losing any of the functionality? This App allows the user to import business projects to his/her Smartphone and manipulate the data as required. You can export Gantt diagrams in .pdf format and Excel files are also easy to send out whenever required. MS Project files can be loaded and saved with ease and the custom calendar feature allows you to plan away to your heart’s content. There are onboard reminders and notification options that alert you whenever a project stage is near completion. The Android Backup Service support will backup your data automatically when required. Overall, this is an excellent project management tool that has already wowed thousands of happy individuals across the globe. There is a paid version available, but this bad boy has more than enough toys to keep a smile on any project manager’s face!
Dropbox for Android
One of the greatest challenges faced when managing a larger project, is the centralisation of storage space. It is imperative to be able to share documents at very short notice, and this isn’t always an easy option. If you are dealing with 2 or 3 external companies, you will find this requirement very challenging at times. So how awesome would it be to be able to have a single storage point where everyone can get visibility to your plans and files? Dropbox is no newcomer to the world of technology, but now it has become available via your Android Smartphone, and it’s a real beauty! You lose none of the cool features that made this service such a hit over the last few years. Plus the versatility of your Smartphone allows you to take photos on-site and share them almost immediately with your team and stakeholders alike. If you’re offsite and your manager needs to share an email with you, simply ask him to upload it to Dropbox and you’ll be reading it in seconds. Although not strictly a project management tool, Dropbox certainly has earned its place in the hearts and minds of teams everywhere!
Smarter Projects?  
Project management is all about being in more than one place at a time, and these Apps certainly lend themselves to that requirement with ease!
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Add These Super Smartphone Apps To Your Project Management Team – Now!
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