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Add a Little High Tech Flavour To Your Home With These Kickstarter Furniture Projects

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are trying to revitalise your old place, adding some smart new furniture is always a great way to go. No matter how well that dining room table has served you for decades, there is always a better option just around the corner. But instead of buying a mass produced piece of tat this time, why not think about welcoming something a little more unique into your abode? We’ve raided the excellent Kickstarter website for some really fresh ideas that combine function and form equally well. Please check them out and use the links for a little extra information – Enjoy!

Levi Christiansen By Levi Christiansen

When you decide on a chair or a table, how much do you value the ethos behind these items of furniture? If you are looking for a little extra thought and a lot more consideration, maybe you should check out Mr Christiansen’s offerings. He has created a handmade collection of bespoke items that are made using locally sourced materials and goods. This awesome collection actually looks even better than it sounds, you have some very slick Plexiglas structures combining with copper finishes and some of the most thoughtful designs we’ve ever seen. Levi has combined nature with technology and when you see his Walnut iPhone dock, we think that you’ll have to agree. Please check out the link for even more amazing creations and soon you might be lucky enough to fill your home with some real original pieces.

Sitgreen Cardboard Furniture By Jon Irons

If you like to do your bit for the planet and need some cool furniture items for your home, why not kill two chairs with one stone and check these bad boys out? Mr Irons has come up with some products that are all about supporting streamlined sustainability, that piece of alliteration was his, not ours. Sitgreen cardboard furniture not only sounds cool but it also looks pretty slick as well. Amongst the range of furniture is a laptop stand, a stool and a cube, all of these are lighter and use far less material than traditional furniture. You are buying into a mindset that supports recycling in the modern world. Instead of simply helping to keep our planet nice and healthy, you’ll be actively supporting the people who are making a difference.

Made To Measure Modern Furniture by mmmodern

If you love a minimalist look and need some fresh ideas, this line of furniture will certainly catch your eye. This team are passionate about creating good furniture that will suit a surprisingly wide audience. They combine function and form by matching some excellent design ideas with your own choice of wood. We strongly advise you to check out the link and see how these designs could become a part of your home, new or old. We can almost guarantee that you’ll fall in love with at least one of them.

Ready To Rock?

We hope that you have the time to check out these equally cool furniture options for a high tech set of options for your home, the Kickstarter website has many more just waiting for you to think about.

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Add a Little High Tech Flavour To Your Home With These Kickstarter Furniture Projects
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