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Adapting SAP Mobile Applications and Dealing with Emerging Threats

In the last few years a new wave of mobile application struck the life of people. Mobile devices are not new, so why this sudden upsurge? In few years the mobile devices have become personal, affordable and powerful and therefore it has become more pervasive. Three factors drive the proliferation of mobile devices: content, usability and ability to complete tasks anywhere anytime. Consequently, escalated numbers of people continue to carry their own devices and perform their works on those devices.

Businesses soon realise that mobile applications can help them to make employees more productive instead of tying them in a desktop. Moreover, the applications can also help businesses to connect with people. Various applications were designed to provide real time access to human resources, finance, sales, sustainability and mobile commerce functions. This also includes the updated versions of SAP mobile applications.

SAP’s applications designed for mobile platform

SAP’s stunning easy to use mobile applications are designed with a view to make the daily tasks of employees simple and connect businesses with people. It can support both company owned and public owned mobile device models. Applications are vital to drive enterprise’s mobile strategies. The requirements of applications vary on the basis of users.

There are different types of SAP mobile applications. Which one will be apt for your business? It was in fact intimidating for a business to zero down on an application that will benefit them in the long run. In order to make the selection process easy an organisation needs to consider few questions. Answer to these questions will enable to select a particular application integral for your business success. The questions are:

  • Why do they exist?
  • How can a mobile application help them to do better?
  • What are the priority services that they deliver to their customers?
  • How can the services delivered in a better, faster and cheaper way through mobile?
  • What tasks business people do on their PC?
  • How it will benefit the business if such tasks can be done anywhere anytime?

There are quite a good number of mobile applications for variety of business users. The applications include Human Capital Management, Single Sign on Application, SAP NetWeaver, SAP SD, ERP application and many more.

Business’s initiative to design their own applications

Well…your enterprise may have the infrastructure and intention to design the new mobile applications. Mobile enterprise application platform offer an approach to create, deploy and manage applications inside an organisation. SAP, in such aspects may enable your company to provision mobile applications. It helps to connect business processes and data sources and present it in the hand held devices. Sybase unwired Platform enable to develop mobile applications and Afria provides management solutions.

Business concern about security

This sounds good, isn’t it? But have you ever wondered when employees and customers can access your company data and resources from any where any time, it can impose a serious threat on the security. There has to be a rock solid security strategy for that. The enterprise’s IT department always has to be alert and be aware of threats that can affect mobile devices. In addition to data security threats, other types of hazards include malware, bugs, out-of-date mobile OS software or device loss.

SAP’s Afria enables secure deployment, configuration and management of multi-platform mobile devices for company of any size- in cloud or on premise. It helps the IT to supervise the device status and deny network access to compromised devices. When Bring –Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is most encouraged, security arises as a major concern as businesses cannot mar the flexibility in return of protection.

SAP’s effort to provide increased security to mobile platform

SAP announced a month back Mobile Secure which is meant to deliver increased security for businesses’ devices, applications and content. It is a new addition in their enterprise mobility management product family. The new technology portfolio includes:

Security of devices and management

SAP Afria mobile device management’s cloud edition, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS), is meant to manage secure deployment of mobile applications and devices of an organisation. It is an effort to tackle the challenges that popped up with BYOD. The technology combines SaaS with Business Intelligence (BI). SAP Afria’s most recent update confirms support for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Security of Content

SAP’s Mobile Documents solution released earlier this year is specially designed to protect the enterprise’s content. An enterprise has to allow users to access, view and collaborate content in native mobile application. You can be safely permit flexible deployment methods with the scalable and secure architecture of the technology.

Security of applications

Mocana, a mobile app protection solution, satisfy the accelerating demands of mobile application security. The solution is intended to allow customers quickly add security policies and fine-grained usage to their Android and iOS without writing any code.

It requires methodical planning, input from all departments in the organisation and enough thoughts to develop an enterprise mobility strategy. SAP may help you in every aspect in your journey to go mobile.

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Adapting SAP Mobile Applications and Dealing with Emerging Threats
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