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Accelerate Your Driving Edge With These Android Apps!

If you are hankering for a more enjoyable driving experience, where do you look for inspiration? You may drive for your living, or merely enjoy the odd jaunt into the countryside. You’ve probably notice how the traffic and parking issues have got worse as the years roll by, so how to remove these annoyances from our driving activities? Well, you could do a lot worse than look into your Android Smartphone apps for some cool and considerate solutions. Please read this article for a couple of the best ones out there at the moment.

Car Locator by Edward Kim – $5
We’ve all done it, and some of us more than once. You’re parked in an unfamiliar city or just a new part of town, and you can’t remember where you left your car! Some of these new car parks are the size of a European country and most new cars looks pretty similar, so it is really no surprise. It can waste hours of your time not to mention the dangers of aimlessly wandering around a strange city in the evening, so lets’ find a solution. Well, this app certainly feels your pain and has some cool tricks up its tiny sleeves. Car Locator will happily guide disorientated motorists back to their vehicle without any dramas. When you park your car up in a strange place, simply activate the app and get on with your daily business. When your day of work or shopping is over, simply reactivate the app and follow the arrow until you are reunited with your trusty steed. The app will also remember these parking spaces for future reference, very handy for future trips. You’ll love this app and will certainly save a lot of valuable time in the future!
Parkinglook – Free
How about another nightmare scenario when trying to drop your car off before an important meeting or perhaps a hot date? You’ve left home half an hour early, and you still can’t find a bloody car park space! After driving around in circles you decide to pay a little extra for that private parking lot, but even that place is full up! Well, Parkinglook is here to make it all better, and then some! This beautiful little app has been developed just for Australian motorists with parking woes. No matter where you are in this gorgeous country, you will have absolutely no worries finding a parking space. Parkinglook is the only app of its kind and will even weigh up the prices for you before you decide where to leave your pride and joy. You’ll also get the low down on opening times, regulations and special offers. Simply check out the best options before you leave home and dial the location into your Satellite Navigation system for a super smooth journey! We guarantee that this free app will save you hours of time and a pocket full of dollars as well!
Android Loves Australian Motorists!
So there you have it, 2 very cool motoring apps that will make that trip just a little bit safer and happier – Enjoy!

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Accelerate Your Driving Edge With These Android Apps!
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