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9 Reasons Why Quality Hosting Matters

Quality hosting is very important if you are a web entrepreneur. Your whole business whether you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer depends upon quality hosting.

As you know big ecommerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc spend millions of dollars on hosting every year. These companies do not want to compromise their business just because of poor hosting quality. So they absolutely know the importance of quality hosting.

Likewise web entrepreneurs like you should also learn the importance of quality hosting. Hence we are giving you 8 solid reasons why quality hosting matters.

quality web hosting

1. Fast Uploading So Users are Happy

One of the most important things that users look is uploading speed of the web page.

If your hosting is of poor quality then it can take minutes to upload a page. Visitors coming on to your site may grow vary and leave your site instantly.

Moreover if server response is also slow while they are browsing your site then users will grow a fatigue.

Some websites crashes due to the excessive traffic or poor bandwidth because your website is running on a shared server. Your hosting company must provide high bandwidth and 99% uptime so that your website is uploading fast and is always available.

2. Flexibility and Compatibility

This is very important. If you want to switch your website to a new hosting provider because of some reason then the new hosting company must be compatible with all your data.

A quality hosting company is going to provide all the features like the latest versions of major programming languages and compatibility with other operating systems also.

If you want to change plugins or add an app or a piece of code then your hosting company must be flexible enough to adjust all these changes.

Usually web entrepreneurs change their hosting company time to time because of many reasons that are mentioned in this article.

3. Scalability if Your Traffic Grows

Scalability is another great reason why you must have a quality hosting for your website.

Today you may not be receiving enough traffic but what happens if you start receiving thousands of new visitors every single day in coming years.

Can your hosting provider cope with sudden change in the traffic?

Does the hosting company offers VPS or Dedicated Server Solutions?

Are they willing to upgrade your account without any hassle? It is because transferring from one hosting to another takes a lot of time. Hence you must choose a hosting provider which allows scalability if your traffic grows in short period of time.

4. For SEO Purposes

Out of 8 reasons this is the most important reason why you must have a quality hosting.

A quality hosting must help you to rank high on Google. If you are a blogger or internet marketer then your first job is ranking high on Google so that you get most of the traffic.

There are number of reasons why a quality hosting can help in SEO. For example Google has said the importance of SSL in ranking your website.

So your hosting must provide HTTPS and SSL support so that you can rank your site high. Similarly other factors like security, speed, IP location also matters when it comes to SEO. So you need to ensure that your hosting provider must provide these services.

5. Security from Hacking

Security is one of the most important features that your hosting provider must ensure. In fact it is more important than speed and SEO.

If your website is prone to hacking then there is no use of all the other features like speed, SEO, scalability etc. A normal hosting provider does not come with security options and back up services. So you have to go for a provider which offers a back up service and solid security mechanism so that all the data of your users are safe with you. Never compromise on security.

6. Availability all the Stats and other Analytical Data

If you are a web entrepreneur and receive huge traffic on to your website then you need to analyze all the data. You must know number of page visits daily, demographics, country they are coming from and all other small details.

Stats and data are very important because you will be strategizing all your marketing campaign on the data given by your hosting provider. So stats must be adequate at the same time accurate enough.

7. Intuitive UI and Control Panel for the Novice

Intuitive User interface and control panel is much needed for novice website owners.

If you have a website and you do not know technical details because your site is just for an online presence and not for ecommerce then as a non technical person you must feel comfortable enough to navigate and familiarize with basics of the hosting.

You should not have any problem in doing basic things like installing WordPress, setting up email and setting up FTP accounts. Intuitive UI and control panel is very important.

8. Customer Support

The last very important feature is customer support. I think most of the web hosting companies are not good enough when it comes to customer support.

Take example of GoDaddy. I have been using this service for last 5 years now. The company is big and well known. But when it comes to customer service it sucks. If you have any problem with hosting like server is down or speed is slow or even your website is being hacked then the hosting provider must come to your aid the moment you dial their number.

You must be able to call them on phone or a chat them online so that you can resolve your issue quickly. They must be present 24X7 if an emergency comes. Otherwise your entire business may incur a heavy loss.

So these were 8 solid reasons why you must go for a quality web hosting provider. If your business is online then you can’t compromise on a hosting provider.

9 Reasons Why Quality Hosting Matters
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