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8 Top High Tech Gadgets of 2018

Whether you are looking for the best high-tech gadgets this season or need a nudge in the right direction, here is a list of 8 names that we have listed down for you. Here they are –

1. Vimble S: Capture Unshaken Videos with this Phone Stabilizer

Vimble Mobile Stabilizer

Now capture photos and videos with a professional touch. This mobile phone stabilizer has a built in premium feature has the ability to automatically track the face without any assistance needed.

Using this phone stabilizer, you can film the scene in both landscape and portrait layouts. The Vimble S can also follow faces, stabilize footages, and has an integrated control panel through which you can avail camera control components like white balance, zoom, expose. You can control all these using one hand.

It removes any undesirable movement in the 3D space by keeping the smartphone in balance. And since the motors assembled inside are completely silent, it does not disturb during the recording of audio.

2. ChargeTech Power Bank with a Portable AC Outlet

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet

This power bank is the first AC portable outlet that can power small devices like laptops, phones, digital cameras, lights, and medical devices.

PPO-Premium Battery Cells-510x510

And with a 27,000mAh capacity, it brings countless possibilities. Other specifications include – 5V/2.4 USB charging ports, 85 Watts AC Outlet.

3. Word’s First Bionic Knee Brace

bionic knee brace technology

The Levitation bionic knee brace can support your joint and muscle during any kind of physical activities.


It can help progress the rehabilitation of the knee and renovating pleasures of life.

The Brace is a mechanical device that can assist movements of the body part, especially at the joints.

4. dbell: Wireless Wi-Fi Doorbell

dbell: Wi-Fi video doorbell

dbell is a wireless wi-fi doorbell enables you to check who is at the door. This you can monitor from your smartphone, TV, PC. So every time someone presses the doorbell, you can answer the door sitting on the couch or from any part of the house.

dbell live

Important Features of the dbell:

  • 160 degree wide area capturing
  • Motion sensor
  • Night vision for seeing at the dark
  • Interchangeable face plat
  • Dual speaker
  • Video footage with audio sensor
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • IP 66 water proof appliance
  • Available in three versions with two colors for each

5. Prynt: Instant and Portable Printing of Snaps

Prynt iPhone Printer

The Prynt iPhone case is available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7. This is the first photo print case that can give you prints in high quality HD. You can print photos anywhere.

Prynt Features:

  • Ink-free technology
  • First phone printer for mobile
  • Convertible photo shots into movie
  • Portable and light weight
  • Available in Black, Pink, White, and Blue

6. inReach SE+: GPS Navigation enabled Satellite Communicator

inReach SE+ GPS navigator

This inReach SE+ is a satellite communicator using 100% global Iridium satellite that can cover a 2-way messaging anywhere around the world. It has got a basic on-screen grid navigation that features a breadcrumb track-back trail in high detail. The inReach SE+ can keep people connected in the backcountry of Canada and also with the rest of the world.


Important Features of inReach SE+:

  • Send and receive SMS and email
  • Post social media comments
  • Communicate inReach-to-inReach
  • Trigger interactive SOS
  • Rescue monitoring center
  • Contact with 24/7
  • High sensitivity GPS for tracking data and location with 5 meters
  • Basic grid navigator and trackback trail for following routes and drop waypoints
  • Track weather forecasts
  • Track and share location using Mapshare

 7. Smart Remote: A Remote Control for Everything

smart remote

Use a single remote to control all the devices at your home. You can use the remote control to find location within 4cm to 40cm and can work more with wi-fi enabled devices and 25,000 bluetooth.

The devices include – smart bulbs, smart TVs, Sonos wireless speakers, smart home hubs, and Nest’s Thermostat.

8. Flotation Wristband to Save You from Drowning

Flotation Wristband

This Kingii flotation wristband can help you stay afloat and never drown. All you need to do is pull the lever and an inflation bag will help your body to stay afloat.

Wrist balloon

It will take only one second for the inflation bag to get filled with CO2.


So there you go! A complete list of all the gadgets that you didn’t know about but now you know. Get the best high tech gadgets before they are gone. Now!

8 Top High Tech Gadgets of 2018
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