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7 Website Designing Hacks for Small Businesses For 2016

A website design is a reflection of a business. This is the reason large businesses fix some budget for their websites and their maintenance too. Paying attention to the design is crucial in every sense for giving customers a reason to trust you.

It is often a problematic scenario with the small businesses that don’t have enough funds to afford a website designing team or if you are among busy business owners who don’t have time to find out cheap website builders Melbourne or any other geographical region to accomplish the designing task.

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Website Designing Tips

But, this too has a solution.

There are numerous options of a cheap website design for small business. The most efficacious among them is using WordPress where you can have numerous themes to make your selection from. If you want to make maximum out of these themes, you have to keep in mind few considerable factors including which can make your website more appealing and functional.

Some of those factors are:

#1. A Clear and Crisp Pitch

It just takes an approx of 10 seconds for a visitor to make a decision about leaving or keep continuing with your website. Well, that’s not a lot of time to catch your visitor’s attention and convey your business perspective, more importantly, why should they look forward to be in business with you.

Make sure you are providing the most critical information in succinct words and they are intelligently placed on the landing page or homepage.

#2. Precisely Defined CTAs (Call To Actions)

What you want your visitor’s to do after landing on your website? Make a clear list of goals and design clear call to actions for compelling your visitors to pass through the sales process.

There are some established call to actions and positions that can be considered for any website are including contact details in the footer or sidebar of the site, place your phone number on every page (in the upper right corner) and incorporating buttons in such a way that allow them to move in a right direction.

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#3. About Us Page should be Relationship-Builder

Don’t follow the typical protocols of defining an About Us page. Focus on the things that make your firm special and unique from the competitors. Be it your excellent customer service or the quality of products that you deliver, reflect the best thing about your business.

If you want to provide the staff details, do it in a way that will help your visitors to actually relate with the people who are listed there.

#4. Superior Quality Content

The content of the website is the key ingredient for successful marketing strategies. So, it should be of good quality, without any spelling or grammatical issues. You should also take care of the consistency so to create an appealing brand personality.

If this seems as a trouble, don’t wait for too much time to hire a writer who can provide you skilfully structured content to convey your business message in a creative, engaging and effective manner.

#5. Design should be Responsive

With the exceeding number of visitors through mobile devices, designing a responsive website has become more a necessity than merely a need. You should make your website accessible from different devices regardless of their sizes.

If you are not doing that, you probably giving your customers a reason to leave you and make their purchase from your competitor’s store. So, don’t risk losing your potential customers and provide them what they have expected.

#6. An Inviting Design

Make your website a place on the internet that visitors’ will find enjoyable to visit. It should be a perfect fit with the theme of your business as well as the web design.

Everything including graphics, menus, colors, layouts, buttons etc should be impressive enough to last in the minds of visitors’ for a long term. This will help to create strong and lasting brand reputation.

#7. A Stable and Secured Platform

The platform you are going to choose for your website will impact the staff as well as customers in terms of interaction. So, it should be well performing for both the sides. Make sure your team can easily process the addition of new products, modifying content and alterations. Lesser will be the hassles; better will be their experience. For visitors, give them a seamless experience without any delays or crash in the payments or selections. A well maintained and updated site by creators is always a wonderful gift for the users.

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These are just to begin with, there are many more factors in the list that can help you come up with a striking and flawless design to offer your customers an enjoyable experience.

7 Website Designing Hacks for Small Businesses For 2016
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