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7 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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A smartphone is a computer of sorts. It allows you to do several things at the same time. You can make a video call or chat with family and friends. It is possible to do a lot many things with your smartphone provided you have the right apps.

Using smartphone smartly can help save time, money and energy and also earn you some income. A smart phone opens up a world of opportunities for you.

Make money, invest, save

Yes, you can make money, save money or even invest money. Spending Tracker is a great app if you wish to know how much you are spending daily. You need to key in your income or spending limit once. This app allows you to cut down on unwanted expenses and save money.

The Expense- Monthly Budget Planner is a little more sophisticated. You can download and use coupons for online shopping. You can protect yourself, friends and family from falling prey to scams. There are number of apps you can install to make money from your smartphone. You need to complete simple tasks to earn from this.

Find a great job, plan your education

Finding a great job is easy with your smart phone. You can read a lot about education and professions on your smart phone. Also, you can enroll yourself on a recruitment portal and download an app. This allows you to apply for your dream job at the click of a button. Information about top companies is also available online for you to read at leisure. Tips and tweaks on how to crack various exams and complex tests, interviews are also available.

Become healthy and beautiful

You can access Google Fit from Internet major Google is a simply amazing app to download on your mobile. Once activated, it automatically measures how many miles you walk, run, jog and bicycle daily. You can customize the app to suit your personal needs. It will give you a clear indication of how many calories you consume and burn.

Health, Nutrition & Diet Guide is useful for people of all ages. The app guides you about the type of food you should eat and warns you against potentially dangerous consumption. Your smart phone turns into your fitness and health tracker with these apps. A wide range of beauty tips are available online that help you maintain glowing and radiant skin.

Learn a foreign language

Sounds like a tall order but Babbel makes it possible for you to learn a foreign language with your smart phone. You can download Babbel for learning French, German, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Swedish and practically every major language in the world. Google Translate is useful while chatting with someone who cannot speak your language.

Both these apps used in combination help you to actually master a foreign language. Your smart phone becomes a language teacher. The apps also feature speech mode. This means, you can learn the way a foreign word is pronounced and improve your accent too.

Buy wonderful stuff online

All major online stores have apps. If you are looking for specific products and services, you can browse the Internet for what is trending. You can find top e-retailers and service providers too.

Once you decide what you wish to buy, just click on the app and make your purchase. Exhaustive lists of e-retailers, based on their popularity, are available easily. Your smart phone gives you an excellent window shopping like experience. You can also download coupons and use them to get great bargains and discounts.

Avoid feeling lonely and unwanted

Your smart phone helps you overcome loneliness blues and that nagging feeling of being unwanted. Hundreds of user friendly romance and dating apps are available free for download. We will not recommend any specific app. You can decide on which ones best suit your specific needs. Remember, the app may be free.

But you may have to pay for the dating service. Women can upload their profiles and become members free but men are required to pay. Your location and personal preferences come into play while selecting these apps. Beware of faking your age or location as it can get you into serious trouble with the law, spouse or parents.

Have fun and more fun

Wide assortment of apps makes your smart phone into a virtual toy. Edit your photos with Google Snapseed. This wonderful Android based app from Google helps create excellent pictures from common selfies and routine shoots. You can pep up those dull pictures taken with friends and relatives. Various features of this app allows for enhancing background, adjusting color and sharpness and a lot more. If you are a selfie addict, Google Snapseed is best suited for you.

7 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone
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