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7 Mobile App Developer Tips-All Round Consideration

Whether you are on the way to building a really cool mobile application or if you are just starting off as a mobile app developer, there are a number of things that are to be considered when building a mobile application. Here are some of the elements that make a mobile app successful.

Basic motive

Before you even start planning the functionality and the user interface of your mobile application you should consider how you want the application to be of use for people. Do you want to develop an application that helps with organizing information on a mobile phone? Is it a game you want to develop? Will it be to support a website or a portal?

Whatever you come up with as a mobile app developer, you should seriously consider how popular it will prove to be and then proceed further.

Target audience

Now that you have an idea on the type of application you are looking at, it is time to recognize the people who would most likely be using your application. Your target audience needs to be examined carefully. What are the elements that would make the application more attractive for them? The usefulness of the application is definitely important. The user interface, the design and the colours used can also make a huge difference.

Platform popularity

What platform will you be targeting for your mobile app? Would it be an android application or would you design something for a Windows phone? As a mobile app developer you can target a number of popular mobile operating systems, including Blackberry OS, Apple IOs, Symbian, Windows and Android. Decide on what you are most comfortable with and what seems to be the most used by your targeted users. This will help you popularize your mobile app more easily.

Other apps and originality

When you have an idea on what you are thinking of developing, it may prove to be a good idea to check what is already available in the market and if your application will hold a good originality and uniqueness. If you are developing something that is already in use you would probably lose out unless you are able to promote your application very aggressively over the existing ones. However, that may prove to be quite tough and expensive.

Simplicity and ease of use

As a mobile app developer you must ensure that your application presents a very easy and simple user interface that people feel comfortable to work with. The more simple and easy to use it is, the more welcome the application will be. Go for simple UIs, quick responses and easy navigation for starters. Users would always prefer such applications over the ones where to need to spend time on learning the software and using it, even if the application offers more.

Free and full versions

If you want to make money out of the mobile applications you develop then make sure you come up with two different versions of the software. Try to offer 60 to 70% functionality in the free version itself. Just hold on to the remaining 30% for paid and advanced usage. You can even feature adverts in your application as long as the adverts do not spoil the look and feel of the user interface! This can help you make some good money as a mobile app developer!
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7 Mobile App Developer Tips-All Round Consideration
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