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7 Latest Must Have Android Apps For Everyone

The Android market is growing by leaps and bounds. With more and more companies launching newer and better Android phones in the market, the demand for new and improved apps is increasing. Mobile web developers, like VeztekUSA, and many others around the world are developing new utility and entertainment apps every other day to quench the thirst of the users.

Although, there are hundreds of new apps that have been launched in the year 2016 so far, however, most users are not able to keep track of them and so a lot of useful apps are overlooked.

This is a roundup of some of the most useful apps that were launched this same year and are very helpful for users with different needs.

#1. Habitica – for better productivity


The New Year has started only a few months ago and the people who still want to keep their new year resolutions of productivity and efficiency, Habitica is the app for them. It is an engaging app in which you make an avatar of yourself and set its goals as you have your goals in real life. As you keep finishing your goals in real life and marking them accordingly in the app, your avatar also keeps improving. With Habitica at your disposal, you stay motivated because you are able to see a visual representation of your progress.

#2. f.lux – intelligent screen dimming app

f.lux android app

Frequently use your mobile phone in the night or dark places and don’t want to strain your eyes? Then f.lux is the app you should have. The intelligent screen dimming by f.lux allows you to use your phone in dark without putting much strain on your eyes. It was already available in the Windows and Linux market, however now you can have it on your Android device as well.

#3. Kickstarter – the famous crowdfunding app

Kickstarter android app

After a long wait, the famous website Kickstarter has an app for Android. For all those who want their ideas to be crowdfunded or the ones who like to donate for new ideas, Kickstarter app can give them an instant access on the website on-the-go.

#4. Cortana – your mobile phone assistant

Cortana android app

For all the Android users who envied Google Now on Google phones and Siri on iOS, Cortana is the latest app that assists you though your daily life on your mobile phone. You can set up reminders, ask questions, track flights and packages, and you can even set up quick replies from your PC if you miss a call on your phone, all though Cortana. Though the app has been launched, it is still in its beta version and there is much room for improvement. Anyway, Cortana is still great news for Android users.

#5. Mimicker Alarm – an interesting wakeup call

wake up android app

Do you find waking up in the morning as tiresome as climbing the Mount Everest? If so, then Mimicker Alarm is the app for you. It is not like normal alarm clocks that you can snooze or shut down with one click. To actually wake you and all your sense up, Mimicker Alarm makes shuts off only when you finish a certain task and send its confirmation by taking a photo of this task to the app. These tasks include doing something physical like asking you to pull a certain face or taking a picture of certain color. Eventually it almost always has the intended effect.

#6. BandLab – Music Community – an exciting audio recorder

BandLab android app

BandLab – Music Community is an interesting app for musicians and singers that allow you to record audio and share it between several devices and people. The app comes with a cloud server in which you can save your recorded audio and share it with your friends. BandLab – Music Community also comes with a basic audio editor through which you can trim your audio a bit before sharing. The concept of BandLab is very cool; however, as it is an app for mobile phones, the quality of recorded audio is often not to its highest quality. For this reason, it is not quite usable for professional purposes, but it is certainly a better option than the built-in audio recorder of your phone.

#7. Promo Codes: Support Devs – mobile lottery to win cool apps

Promo Codes android app

As you can guess by the name, Promo Codes: Support Devs is basically an app promoting app that gives you the chance to win an app you would normally have to pay for. The app is absolutely free for users and all you have to do is just launch the app and tap I’m feeling lucky. You will be taken to the app store page of a particular app which you may or may not win. If you don’t win there is a chance that you will next time. It is a cool and fun way to discover new apps.


From saving battery consumption and waking up in time to efficient audio sharing and increasing productivity, the above mentioned Android apps are must-haves for everyone. All these apps have been developed on new technology and by keeping the latest trends and user experiences in focus. We hope that this roundup will help you download the best apps for your use and you don’t have to miss out on another good app in a long time.

7 Latest Must Have Android Apps For Everyone
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