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7 Incredible Skincare Apps To Have On Your Phone

It is vital to take care of your skin not only because of beauty but also to protect your health. If you are finding it a challenge to do so, here are various apps to guide you!
The skin is the largest organ in the body accounting for a great percentage of the body. However, when talking about skincare, most people tend to focus on the face since it is a major factor when it comes to beauty upon the first impression. Many people have struggled to find the right skincare routines for their specific types of skins and many eventually become disappointed after trying various care tips. However, you can now use various apps to find the right care for your skin and stay beautiful. Here are some of these apps:

  1. 100 Skin Care Tips

If you do not have any skin condition but are just looking to enhance your facial appearance to look better; then this app is what you need. As the name suggests, the app provides 100 general skin care tips that work for every type of skin. Download the app and go through the tips one by one to see what you are not doing and aim to incorporate it in your skin care routine. The app is available for free download.

  1. Skin Care Recipes

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to skin care is choosing your own facial products. In many cases, it is impossible to find the exact product for your skin, and they are usually very expensive. Now you can make your own facial products right at home using natural herbs and elements around your kitchen with the help of this app.

The app gives use the ingredients and instructions you need to make your own facial masks, scrubs, moisturizers and massage oils. The app is also available for free download. Using this app, you can save big time on skin care products.

  1. mySkin

If you find making your own skin care products at home with what you have available a challenge, then this app suits you. mySkin has a catalog of over 160,000 skin care and beauty products. It helps you find the most suitable product for your skin type and lifestyle.

It keeps a record of the products you have tried in the past and the experience you had so that you do not forget ever trying a certain product. This helps you save money since you will never have to buy a product twice because you forgot you have used it. The app is also available for free download.

  1. My Own App

Aging is a completely natural process that we all have to face eventually. However, others experience premature aging meaning they look older than they really are. If you suspect you are among these individuals and want to do something about it, then you can use this app to establish that fact. My Own App, which uses face recognition technology to check the indicators of aging through considering the number of wrinkles, line and age spot on the face. It then compares these data with people in your own age group and tells you how you are aging.

  1. Organic Skin Care

If your skin problems go beyond the common issues, then you should consider using this app. It is mainly an informational app that contains rich information on skin care problems such as acne, skin conditions, products and problem areas. It also offers useful tips on how to care for the skin, and how to get professional help. It is also available for free download.

  1. myUVAlert

The sun is good for our skin and bodies since it helps the production process of vitamin D. nevertheless, the sun also produces harm ultra violet rays that cannot only damage your skin but also cause medical conditions such as cancer. Hence, people use sunscreen especially on their face. This app helps you monitor the UVB and UVA rays and offers real-time information so that you can plan your day carefully. It also offers tips to stay safe in the sun and reminders to apply sunscreen.

  1. Virtual Makeover

The app does exactly as the name suggests. It enables you to use a photo of your face to determine the best makeup and hairstyle for you. It gives you the chance to see how you would look in different makeup products and hairstyles without really trying them on your actual face. You can then visit you stylist equipped with what you want.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger currently writing for Laser Medical Centre, specialists in cosmetic and medical treatments in Toronto. She enjoys experimenting with DIY projects. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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7 Incredible Skincare Apps To Have On Your Phone
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