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7 Benefits Of Using Linear Variable Differential Transformers

LVDT feature

The Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is a component that is primarily used to calculate rectilinear positional change. The sensors made using LVDT is capable of measuring changes of even a millionth of an inch. Below, we look at seven benefits of using LVDT.

7 benefits of using LVDT

1. Friction Free

The first benefit of LVDT is that it is completely friction-free in the way it operates. This essentially means that the LVDT’s coil and core never come into contact with each other. As such, incidents like dragging, rubbing etc. never occur. And if you are into testing materials, then the LVDT feature will prove to be of great help.

2. Mechanical Life

Since there is zero contact between the coil and the core of the LVDT, there will be less wear and tear between them. As such, the LVDT will last much longer. This is why this technology is being widely adopted in industries ranging from nuclear plants and aircrafts.

3. Output

The Linear Variable Differential Transformer is an absolute output device. As such, any data being sent by it will not be lost in case the power of the device is suddenly gone. In contrast, in an incremental output device, all data being sent will likely be lost.

4. Resolution

When taking measurements using a device in which the core and coil come into contact, you will only be able to measure a large change in value in the core’s position. However, when it comes to LVDT, this is not the case. Since there is no friction between the LVDT’s coil and core, you will be able to measure even the smallest changes in the position of the core. In fact, an LVDT literally has an unlimited resolution. The only limitation is the resolution of the output display.

5. Response

Another advantage of friction-free LVDT measuring is that it is very fast at measuring the changes in core position. And even the little time it takes is because of the core’s mass, which has an inertial effect.

6. Damage Resistance

LVDTs are very resilient to the damage meted out to them. This is mostly because the LVDT is manufactured using materials that have been proven to be highly resistant and durable. As such, it can survive in the harshest of environments, no matter how extreme the temperature, humidity and moisture levels are. In fact, LVDTs can function at temperatures as high as those in nuclear reactors to those as low as cryogenic levels.

7. Core and Coil Separation

The interaction between the coil and the core only happens because of magnetic coupling. And since there is no object that serves as a point of contact between them, you can easily separate the coil from the core. The only thing you have to do is to insert a non-magnetic wire inside. Consequently, a pressurized fluid is released that allows you to move the core as you like.

Given the above benefits of using Linear Variable Differential Transformers explained , you should now easily understand why it is a critical technology for many industries.

7 Benefits Of Using Linear Variable Differential Transformers
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